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Before entering the world of cinema, Jeet starred in a few television soap operas. However, not many people know that the Tollywood hunk made his theatrical debut in a Telugu film called “Chandu” that did not get a positive response at the box office. But Jeet found success thanks to the commercial success of Haranath Chakraborty “Sathi” in 2002 and this also earned him two awards. The same year, he appeared in the Bengali remake of “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar”. This initial success was followed by other successes including “Sangee”, “Bandhan”, Yuddho and a few others.

It is a center of power in the Bengali film industry. Think about the style and charisma of Salman Khan and add a Bengali attitude to it, you will only find one person, Jeet.

For him, people learn so much from failures. His film ‘Chandu’ hit the box office and the media completely wrote it off. Jeet says he’s had so many sleepless nights at that time. He even began to wonder if he had the talent to fit into this film industry. Then he decided to take a two week break. He stayed at home in all these logical thoughts. And finally, the actor regained his self-confidence and decided to motivate himself. After that he went for his first audition and he got a job. Jeet believes this is life.


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