What these Scream Queens are doing today


You can’t talk about scream queens without talking about Jamie Lee Curtis, one of the greatest horror icons of the ’80s. Daughter of “Psycho” star Janet Leigh, Curtis’ first big movie role was that of Laurie Strode in John Carpenter’s original “Halloween”. She has appeared in several other episodes of the “Halloween” franchise.

Outside of the “Halloween” franchise, Curtis has appeared in other horror films like “Prom Night” and “The Fog”. She also starred in the short-lived “Scream Queens” television series, which was a parody of the ’80s slasher films that made Curtis famous. Curtis’ horror-free films include “Trading Places”, “True Lies” and “Freaky Friday”. Her television roles outside of “Scream Queens” include guest roles as Dr. Samantha Ryan in “NCIS”, mother of Zooey Deschanel, Joan in “New Girl”, and a voice role as than Agent Bruchstein in FX’s “Archer”. One of her most important screen roles was Linda Drysdale in the mysterious thriller “Knives Out”, where she played the eldest daughter of Christopher Plummer’s Harlan Thrombey.

In addition to “Halloween Kills”, Curtis plays Laurie Strode again in “Halloween Ends” in 2022. She is also expected to appear as Dr. Patricia Tannis in the upcoming adaptation of the “Borderlands” video game series.


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