What happened to the HBO space comedy?

It often happens that shows appear to be shelved and not renewed or continued. However, this phenomenon seems to have increased significantly over the past few years with the rise of streaming services and the shows that air on them. When more shows are produced and presented to the public, more shows are forgotten by the networks. There’s also the issue of the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting film and television. Not only have many shows been pushed back from the production schedule, but other shows have since been pushed back to the forefront, leaving the rest to oblivion.

It seems that the HBO series Avenue 5 has suffered these two fates. Production on the show’s second season has been pushed back due to the pandemic, and it seems like the show has almost been forgotten by its network. Since these two issues are delay factors for the second season, street 5 faces a slightly tougher battle to return to screens, with the first season on HBO Max desperately waiting for a conclusion.


What is Avenue 5 and what happened to it?

Avenue 5 can be described as many things, but the biggest seems to be “space comedy“, if you will. The show follows a captain and owner of an interplanetary luxury spaceship, a kind of space cruise ship aptly named Avenue 5. It follows the trials and tribulations of those on the ship, but also includes the fun action that comes with a sci-fi movie. room. When things go wrong and the ship is thrown off course, the crew must find a way to get home without dying or killing each other. The show combines big sci-fi elements with hilarious comedy and emotional stakes, and features a wonderful litany of creative talent – Hugh Laurie, Josh Gad, Zach Woods, Rebecca Font, Jessica St. Clair, Suzy Nakamura, Simon Blackwell , Will Smith (the British comedian) and Armando Iannucci.

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The first season was not a huge hit but received generally positive reception, as well as compliments for the show’s unique perspective. It was by no means perfect (unlike other masterpieces by its creators, The thickness of it and Veep), but Avenue 5 developed a very devoted following who adored the series and all of its characters. He is unlikely the second season will do much better than the first one, but fans want to see it no matter what. The dedicated fanbase that the first season is building wants to see what’s next for these characters, even more than two years after the first season’s release.

Has Avenue 5 been canceled?

It’s honestly a tough question. The production of the second season has been suspended due to the pandemic and this pause is evident. Many shows had suspended production during this time due to health and safety concerns. This part makes sense to fans, but the real question is what happened to the show after everything else resumed production. The show also wrapped principal photography for the new season (in November 2021), so that can’t be the issue. Considering we’re already more than halfway through 2022, we can also assume that the show’s editing is complete or nearly complete. So what is the delay?

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We cannot really answer this question, but we can theorize it. It’s possible that HBO thinks the hype for the show is dead and therefore doesn’t really want to release the show if it’s not doing well. It is also possible that Avenue 5 was pushed so far into the background of HBO releases that it was all but forgotten. It could be a financial situation; Warner Bros. seems to be going through serious financial problems, having recently abandoned the bat girl movie and Scoob! : The holiday haunt, although all of these projects are either fully filmed or in late post-production. It cannot be said for certain if any of these options is what happened to Avenue 5but at the end of the day, fans just want the second season to be released, even if it is the last of the series.

Are they releasing a season 2 of Avenue 5 soon?

Who knows? Fans can only hope that the second season of the series will be released soon, but no one can know for sure. The first season was released in 2020 and then immediately renewed for season two. As we all know what happened in 2020, the second season of the show was obviously postponed due to the pandemic. However, HBO has continued several shows that have been delayed by the pandemic, including Westworld.

It has also been confirmed that the cast members have signed new projects and thus were released from their contracts; Unless the second season airs and becomes a huge hit, it’s likely to be the show’s final season. But will fans ever see it? As principal photography is complete, the series can be released whenever top creator Armando Iannucci is ready, and when it’s best for HBO, but it’s still unclear when that will be. street 5 met a very strange fate after the pandemic and now finds itself in a kind of limbo, a fate that does not deserve the massive talent involved in Avenue 5. All fans want is closure with a final season, but who knows if that time will ever come. In the meantime, the series is available to watch on HBO Max.

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