Vans’ horror movie shoes recreate Elm Street, Friday the 13th and up


Vans has unveiled a new collection of horror-inspired shoes that includes pairs inspired by The Shining, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and more!

Vans just announced their brand new Vans x Horror collection, which will feature shoes inspired by The brilliant, Freddy, Friday 13, and that of Stephen King This. Vans is well known to sneaker fans around the world for its collaborations with other brands. In the past, Vans has collaborated with everything from Nintendo, Star wars, and The simpsons to the White Castle restaurant chain, the Beatles and Public Enemy.

While many Halloween movies have grown in popularity over the years, others have stood the test of time and have become horror classics. The brilliant, which was seen as a disappointment by many upon its release, has become a cult classic and has since spawned a sequel, 2019’s Doctor Sleep. In the same way, Freddy and Friday 13 are widely regarded as two of the most typical horror films of all time and, despite their release in the 1980s, remain popular today. This, thus, clearly resonated with modern audiences with the 2017 film and It Chapter 2 being massive financial successes.

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Horror fans will be in for a treat with the latest announcement from the Vans Twitter account (via BloodyDisgusting) revealing the upcoming Vans x Horror collection to be released in October. The short video shows four pairs of distinctly decorated “Horror Vans” with pairs inspired by The brilliant, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and This. Not only is there a pair of shoes for each movie, but it also looks like there will be several different styles of shoes available in the collection. Check out Vans’ original tweet below:

The Shiny-the inspired shoes, which are an upscale Vans style, are yellow and black and take inspiration from one of the original poster designs from the movie that features a separate blocky font for the title. The pair also features “REDRUM” written along the midsole in Danny’s handwriting from the film. The Nightmare on Elm Street the shoes are also in the high Vans style and feature a red and dark gray stripe effect similar to the iconic Freddy Krueger sweater and a few splashes of fake blood for good measure. The two This shoes and the Friday 13 the shoes are also scary and eye-catching enough with the first featuring vivid red balloons on a checkerboard and the latter featuring Jason Voorhees’ terrifying hockey mask.

Limited edition shoe collector or not, these Vans are likely to be popular with horror fans around the world. Even more casual horror fans will certainly recognize some of the iconic images on the shoes and might be interested in purchasing a pair. Information on the collection is limited at this point, but hopefully potential buyers can mix and match shoe styles and cinematic inspirations. If past Vans collaborations are anything to go by, the next Vans x Horror The collection is sure to be a big hit with sneaker fans and horror fans alike.

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Source: Vans (via BloodyDisgusting)

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