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The UW board of directors could allow more members of the campus community to serve on chancellor’s search committees, potentially relaxing a rigid and controversial policy that professors saw as restricting their contribution to a critical task.

Current policy calls for a 10-member committee that includes five regents, two professors, one staff member, one student, and one community member or elders. Regents at the time of the 2017 change said it would help streamline the hiring process, but faculty saw the change as a top-down decision-making style typical of board members appointed by the former governor. Republican Scott Walker.

With those appointed by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers now controlling the board, a newly formed governance committee has discussed removing the 10-member cap. The proposed policy discussed Tuesday calls for chancellor’s search committees to include at least three regents, as well as at least two professors, a staff member, a student and a community member or alumni. The change would allow for different sizes and configurations of committees, including potentially more faculty and staff than regents.

“I think if we had a few more faculty members – one or two, maybe that’s all it would take – they would come on board and see that what we’re doing is in their best interests and in the future. best interest of the system, “said the chairman of the board. said Ed Manydeeds.

The chairman of the board would choose which regents and how many of them would sit on the panel. They would also consult with the president of the University of Wisconsin system when selecting other members.


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