The horror movie that was made in Union County, KY


Whenever I see a trailer for a new horror movie, it seems like it would be a safe bet to assume that this is another in a long series of installments in the Conjuring/Annabelle franchise.

For starters, and in the interest of full disclosure, I only saw the first of these movies, Conspiracy. And it was good. I love that these are real paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. Realized for 20 million dollars, the film was a huge success, grossing $ 319 million at the box office. I really wanted to see one of the suites; previews make it look more like.

But there are so many that look alike Conspiracy.

One of them is called The nun. It was released in 2018 and preceded by a trailer it was, like, TEN TYPES of scary. Now … before you start to think to yourself, “He doesn’t seem to realize that the movie IS part of the movie. Conjuring frankness, “let me interrupt you and tell you that I learned that was part of that frankness. And, see, maybe that confirms my point. Conspiracy.

Anyway, I recently told a friend of mine about it and he told me it was shot in Union County, Kentucky. And I told him that it didn’t make sense because it was happening in ROMANIA. And when I searched, I found that I was right.

But I also learned of ANOTHER horror / suspense thriller simply called Religious, and THIS IS the one filmed in Union County. And I never knew it. And I do not know why.

But the Henderson Gleaner knew it, and four years ago they interviewed the film’s producer, Chad Dossett. Also, it was originally called Gas Light.

Here is the trailer:

I don’t know about you, but I do recognize actor William McNamara, a fairly frequent screen presence in the 1990s – he was a serial killer in Sigourney Weaver’s astonishing thriller. Copycat– even though I don’t recognize the large storage facility in the clip. According to IMDB, this storage facility is located in Owensboro.

But these outdoor locations once again confirm my belief that Kentucky has so much to offer filmmakers. Yes, I know there are tax credit issues that need to be addressed. I learned that last week in Cleveland when I found out he had doubled for New York while filming The Avengers.

But, yes, Nun, a horror movie set in and around Union County. And I only heard about it recently.

As far as I know, there is a movie being filmed in Kentucky right now, considering that I seem to be “on top of the game”.

By the way, I’m complaining about wanting more movies shot in Kentucky. But it’s not like it never happened. Here are 10 examples:

Movies shot in Kentucky

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