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From a horror standpoint, the film falls short, but it more than makes up for it with well-developed characters and a killer who prey on secrets.

There is someone in your house will make comparisons with Scream, and they are justified. The 1996 Wes Craven film made teens more than vehicles for murderous villains to hunt and kill, and There is someone in your house follows in his footsteps. The Netflix original is a slasher flick through and through, though it often trades intense, thrilling fears for a more straightforward, character-driven storytelling. Directed by Patrick Brice (Crawl) from a screenplay by Henry Gayden, There is someone in your house is based on the novel by Stephanie Perkins and it’s definitely a slasher movie with a conscience. From a horror standpoint, the film falls short, but it more than makes up for it with well-developed characters and a killer who prey on secrets.

The film opens with an Osborn High School football player as he prepares for the big game, but he is soon killed by a home invader who knows his darkest secret: beating Caleb (Burkely Duffield), a teammate, almost to death because he was gay. The story then focuses on Makani Young (Sydney Park) and his friends – Alex (Asjha Cooper), Darby (Jesse LaTourette) Rodrigo (Diego Josef) and Zach (Dale Whibley) – in the wake. While the group speculates on the identity of the killer, the main suspect being brooding Ollie (Theodore Pellerin), the others are unaware that Makani is hiding a secret all his own, the one that the killer, who wears the faces of these terribly. on the results list, plans to unearth.

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There is someone inside your house

Dael Whibley, Jesse LaTourette, Sydney Park, Asjha Cooper, Diego Josef, Burkely Duffield in There’s Someone Inside Your House

The strength of the film is in its characters, who feel like fully realized people with real issues and inner demons. History certainly arms these inner demons with secrets, hidden by deep shame. There is someone in your house forces characters to face each other, literally, and often wonders if they can and what it means once they do. More terrifying than the real killer, whose revelation is rather disappointing (especially on a proofread), is the fear and paranoia that Makani lives with on a daily basis. Being a transfer student has given her a fresh start, but her haunted past keeps her estranged from others, fearing to let her guard down for fear of being emotionally marked and rejected.

The film takes its time fleshing out the characters, Makani in particular, and the result is a deeper story, one that doesn’t care as much about terrifying its audience as it is about exploring the characters. Makani’s story is also brought to life by the moving Sydney Park, whose somber performance gives way to Makani’s inner turmoil, his knowing, sad and regretful eyes. The supporting performances are also memorable, with the core group of friends having organic relationships with each other. And when tragedy strikes, There is something inside your house allows sadness and anger to set in before moving on to the next part of the story. Horror is the only downside to the movie, which isn’t all that scary. Even when the students are hunted down by the killer, the sense of urgency lies more in the mystery and terror of others discovering the truth than in the executions themselves, however gruesome they are.

Sydney Park on There is someone in your house

It’s hardly devastating considering the more multifaceted elements of the film, enhanced by authentic story progression, rich friend dynamics, and the handling of writing technology, which is used to a sinister effect. There is a sense of seriousness about the message at the center of There is someone in your house, which concerns self-liberty and all that that implies as much as the suppression of students. The film explores who may be hiding and how they’re affected when they do, especially as the antagonist begins to target characters whose secrets aren’t exactly that dark. And while the killer’s reasoning is a bit too much on the nose, the delivery makes up for it in the final act.

There is something inside your house digs deeper than some other slasher films, contenting itself with exploring its characters and their internal fears of shame and not being accepted for who they are. Viewers shouldn’t expect to be scared all the time, however. Slasher horror tends to be by the book, but a solid overall story and characters elevate it to be forgettable. Among Netflix’s horror offerings, this film certainly stands out as one of the streamer’s best to date.

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There is someone in your house starts streaming Wednesday, October 6 on Netflix. The film is 96 minutes long and is rated TV-MA for

Our assessment:

3 out of 5 (Good)

  • There is someone in your house (2021)Release date: 06 October 2021

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