The Freshly Dead Return in Norwegian ‘Handling the Undead’

TrustNordisk, the international company behind Speak no evil, lake of death, and Attachment, handles international sales of upcoming horror drama Handle the deadreports Varietywith Repping anonymous content in the United States

Bloody Disgusting has the first look at an image from the Norwegian film directed by THea Hvistendahl.

A character-driven horror/drama, the film deals with core emotions around grief and mortality and the battle to come to terms with what we cannot control.

“On an abnormally hot summer day in Oslo, a strange electric field surrounds the city as a collective migraine spreads across the city. Televisions, light bulbs and electronics go haywire, the chaos reaching a debilitating crescendo when suddenly it’s over. But the strange event woke the newly deceased from death…

Dealing with the Undead weaves three families together through their loss: Mahler (72) and her daughter, Anna, mourn the untimely death of her grandson; Tora (86) bids his last farewell to his wife at the funeral home; and a family of four faces a life without a wife or mother.

The film is based on a novel by the acclaimed writer John Ajvide Lindqvist (“Leave the one on the right in”).

“Based on the elaborate directing concept Thea sent me, I think her vision was more or less perfect. Mentally, conceptually and visually,” said Lindqvist, who also wrote the screenplay, recounts Variety.

“The mere fact that she has devoted a densely written page to the behavior, expressions, and movement patterns of the undead indicates an enormous commitment to getting everything right. She intends to make a zombie movie like no other. Serious, heartbreaking and very Nordic.

Local distribution will be handled by Nordisk Film Distribution, with a. local release scheduled for fall 2023.

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