The best new horror movies of recent years, according to Ranker

2022 is shaping up to be an exciting year for horror movie lovers as there have been announcements for Halloween ends and Jeepers Creeper’s: Reborn, both should be released by the end of the year. All fans of this genre are eagerly awaiting new films – both sequels and originals. As viewers have experienced, horror movies have taken to a new level, which can be attributed not only to the ever-improving CGI effects, but also to the shift from creepy jumps to psychological mayhem.

Thanks to a recent survey on private soldier, horror movie fans have identified the scariest and most unsettling films released in recent years. This list of top-voted movies includes those that incorporate both elements of suspense and the chaos of the human psyche.


ten The Platform (2019)

The 2019 Platform

This film is set in a futuristic prison where inmates are forced to watch their upper level peers eat while those lower down starve. This psychological thriller opens eyes to the horrors of real-life classism, how worldly status affects individuals, and how empathy for humanity has unintended consequences.

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This film is full of metaphors and complex interrelationships between humans. It’s disturbing on a whole new level when a horror movie is comparable to real life and it’s surprising to the viewer that the evildoer is relatable, or most likely the villain. The platform is set in a higher form of horror, and not all viewers will understand the seriousness of the symbolism displayed.

9 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)


Audiences can’t get enough of this ragtag group of children who face the horrors that await them around every corner. This thriller, adapted from the original books by Alvin Schwartz, has fascinated young readers for generations and the terrifying monsters are beautifully brought to life by the naive teenagers who stumbled upon the horrors.

This story of friendship that opposes the face of evil carries the audience for sure. The escalation from the imagination to seeing these anomalies on the big screen will successfully scare those who grew up reading Schwartz classics. Even though the film is aimed at younger audiences, the plot twists and turns and leaves the viewer wishing for more.

8 Lamb (2021)

Ingvar holds a baby lamb as Maria looks back on a hill in Lamb

A couple, Maria and Petur (Noomi Rapace and Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson) who have long wanted a child, meet an unusual baby in their barn. They name the half-human, half-lamb wild child Ada and begin raising her as their own. Yet, it seems that every happily ever after has a price.

This modern horror film plays on the psychological ordeals surrounding childless motherhood and grief – a pain that is all too relatable for many viewers. The suspense and unease throughout the film is undeniable for audiences as they watch the couple battle the forces of nature for a chance at a family. Unnatural circumstances and chaos push this movie into the top 10.

seven X (2022)

Jenna Ortega in a porn movie poster

A group of actors arrive at an elderly couple’s farm to shoot an adult film. They are greeted by eccentric but seemingly harmless hosts, who do a phenomenal job of hiding their true abilities and desires from unsuspecting victims. The viewer is drawn into a gripping tale of ambitious and inexperienced young people in the face of the evils of the world, struggling to survive.

The shock factor and escalation of violence in this film has horror fans raving. It centers on two different human failures: doing anything for power or vanity and, on a much darker level, giving in to vice. X is not a movie for the faint of heart, and it will change the way viewers see the evil that lurks in the dark and the dangers that lurk behind innocent faces.

6 The Invisible Man (2020)

Why Cecilia chose steak in The Invisible Man's Ending Cecilia

Cecilia Kass (Elisabeth Moss) is harassed and bullied by her unseen ex-boyfriend, Adrian Griffin, who is played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen. The impossibility of her situation leaves her completely isolated but acclimated to the challenge and the twists and turns of the plot make her head wobble at the conclusion.

The premise relates to viewers being able to sympathize with a woman trying to escape a toxic relationship and the frustrating obstacles that come with revealing an impossible truth. Its most interesting feature is how the audience questions Cecilia’s sanity and reality in real time with the plot. The invisible Man is a delicious blend of horror, sci-fi and drama that appeals to different audiences with great success.

5 It Chapter 2 (2019)

Another sequel to a timeless classic, It Chapter 2 successfully brings together the valuable team of underdogs, fast forward 27 years. This series is revered for its relatable characters who not only withstand the horrors brought on by Pennywise, but also the hardships and confusion of life in general.

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As audiences just happy to be there for the nostalgic ride, it’s hard not to feel a connection to these comedic and eccentric protagonists as they once again navigate their deepest fears. The enhanced CGI and soundtrack make your heart race like all of Stephen King’s great novels. Three years after its release, audiences are still talking about what they liked and what could have been better with the plot.

4 Doctor Sleep (2019)

Rose the Hat talks to a girl in Doctor Sleep, her eyes glowing devilishly

This Shocking Stephen King Sequel the brilliant has nervous audiences as they follow beloved Danny, now played by Ewan McGregor, on his journey of horror and heroism as he tries to save a girl who shares his psychic abilities. He is forced to confront the torments of his past as the film returns to the famous hotel that once tickled the nightmares of the masses.

Many viewers grew up alongside Dan, which creates a strong bond with the leader as he battles villains new and old. Not only that, but he now suffers from PTSD and alcoholism, which makes him an easier character to relate to for some. The genius of incorporating flashbacks from the original Bright throughout this new addition to the genre is exactly what viewers have been asking for. It’s the perfect mix of new and classic.

3 Ready or Not (2019)

Grace armed for the hunt

The protagonist, Grace (Samara Weaving) is hunted by her in-laws the same night she marries into the estranged De Lomas family. Due to a curse placed on the family years before, she is drawn into a ruthless fight for her life as the loser will not only lose all of her wealth, but her life as well.

The gripping tale of Grace, the underdog, fighting for her life against darkness, arguably more vindictive than herself, is relatable and thrilling for viewers. The film shows how the rich who prey on the weak tend to be themselves victims of their own demons manipulating their lives. This horror movie leaves audiences wondering which is more appealing, life or luxury?

2 We (2019)

Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) travels with her family to a place marked by the trauma and violence of her childhood. In an intense fight for her survival against their doppelgangers, Adelaide faces the reality that everything she believes is wrong and the world she created for herself was never hers.

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Jordan Peele is a new director on the psychological horror scene, shaking audiences to their core. He makes films with a significant number of metaphors and plots designed to deepen viewers’ thinking. This film unleashes horror with a surprise ending that makes audiences question their reality and individuality. Viewers are still talking about that movie today, especially since a new version of Peele is due out this year.

1 Midsommar (2019)

florence pugh as dani ardor may queen in midsommar

This thriller, which begins with a hot couple, quickly descends into a horror rabbit hole at the hands of a pagan cult. The film not only capitalizes on the trauma of a girl suffering from grief and neglect, but also highlights the downfalls of human fault and the evils that exploit her.

The emotional and gruesome journey that Florence Pugh’s Dani endures leaves audiences on the edge of their seat, wondering who the real villain is. The deeper meaning revolves around an individual breaking free from toxicity and starting a new life for themselves. Audiences will forever be drawn to the dubious morals of a cult disguised as an idyllic society.

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