The 10 Best Comics Based On Horror Movies

While comic books have often inspired horror movies, sometimes things go the other way and a terrifying horror movie gets its comic book. Although comic film adaptations are common, many horror movies have also inspired their ongoing series that took the characters in new directions.

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Whether it’s slasher classics like freddie or tense space thrillers like Extraterrestrial, there’s no shortage of comic books based on horror movies. With monsters ripped from the screen and splashed onto the page, there are plenty of comics to keep readers up at night.


Clive Barker’s Nightbreed (1990-1993)

A man looks with knives for Nightbreed's teeth

Author and filmmaker Clive Barker is no stranger to the medium of comics, and Nightblood gave fans a chance to learn more about his obscure 90s horror flick. The story follows a man who is tricked by his psychiatrist into thinking he’s a serial killer. To escape the world, he takes refuge in a graveyard where he finds a series of monsters also lurking.

Although the movie failed, Clive Barker’s fascinating world in the movie was enough to keep the comic going. What was originally intended to be a simple four-issue film adaptation has blossomed into a full series. By further explaining what was unclear in the film, the comic gave fans a deeper insight into the Nightblood universe.

Pumpkin Head (2018)

Pumpkinhead leers in front of a pink background

pumpkin head proved to be a cult hit in the 1990s, and Dynamite Comics decided to take on the classic monster and give it its limited comic book run, decades later. When a driver accidentally kills a pair of kids, Pumpkinhead is brought into service again for revenge. However, this particular criminal is protected by seven other demons who represent each of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Although Pumpkinhead is still a villain, it was interesting to watch him play the role of protector as he tried to defeat his demonic brethren. The comic book series has managed to retain the central themes of the original film and there’s a fair amount of tragedy mixed in with the horror story.

Alien 3: the unproduced scenario (2018-2019)

A xenomorph rips a victim from Alien 3: the unproduced script

Sometimes the comic book medium allows for an overhaul, and the creators can rectify moments where certain movies may have faltered. While Alien 3 came out with many different versions of the movie, few managed to please viewers. Alien 3: the unproduced scenario is a comic strip that took its script directly from a draft script that never saw the light of day.

Dramatically different from the movie, the comic tried to work out a lot of the issues with the movie and it feels like a tighter story overall. Unlike the movie, the comic preserves the characters of Newt and Bishop, and they play a much larger role in the story. Like the movie though, the comic still features plenty of terrifying Xenomorph action.

Jason vs. Leatherface (1995)

Leatherface and Jason fight in a kitchen from Jason vs Leatherface

Topps Comics may not have been the seal of quality in the 1990s, but midway through the decade they slammed two of the screen’s most terrifying goons together. Jason vs. Leatherface finds Jason Voorhees accidentally transported to Texas when Crystal Lake is dredged by real estate developers. Naturally, he runs through Leatherface and calamity ensues.

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Though dumb with its gore and action, Jason vs. Leatherface is a good time for fans of both franchises. Never afraid to “go for it” with some of its most gruesome moments, the comic is perhaps bloodier than any movie could be. Although the story may be contrived, it’s still a fun time for horror fans.

Trick ‘r Treat: Days of the Dead (2015)

Sam emerges from the woods in Trick 'r Treat: Days of the Dead

Few horror sequels have been as desired as this cult classic Halloween horror. Trick or treats. While fans are still waiting for their favorite Halloween-obsessed ghoul, Sam, to return to the big screen, creator Michael Dougherty has come up with a graphic novel that acts as a spiritual successor to the film. Trick or treats: Days of the dead is four horror stories centered around the spooky holiday.

With Dougherty at the helm, the stories feel fresh and authentic to the viewing of the film. Animated by vivid illustrations, the comic proves that there is an ocean of chilling opportunity if a sequel to Trick or treats is never produced.

A Nightmare on Elm Street by Freddy Krueger (1989)

Freddy Krueger smiles as he watches Freddy Krueger's a Nightmare on Elm Street

Although horror is usually relegated to small publishers, Marvel comics had their fair share of scary books.. A Nightmare on Elm Street by Freddy Krueger was a unique addition to Marvel’s lineup and told Freddy-related stories in the magazine format most familiar to fans of Conan the Barbarian.

Although it only lasted two issues, the series was a progressive step for the otherwise healthy comic imprint. The book featured the main storyline which took up the majority of the pages, but also featured a shorter b-plot which allowed the reader to enter into Freddy’s dark history.

Friday the 13th: the aggressor and the abused

Woman wields machete at Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th: Abuser and the Abused

Infamous slasher Jason Voorhees has been to space, hell, and everywhere in between. For this reason, comic series featuring the character often feel redundant. However, the miniseries Friday the 13th: the aggressor and the abused is a unique tale about a teenage girl who plans to use her hero Jason to get revenge on her dirty boyfriend. Unfortunately, she quickly learns the error of her ways upon meeting her murderous idol.

Unlike most Jason stories which simply feature the masked man punching sexed camp counselors, The aggressor and the abused is a twisted moral tale in the style of EC Comics. Generally not well known for its thought-provoking, slasher history is a subtle exploration of many themes that aren’t typically present in subgenres.

The Thing From Another World (1991-1992)

The Thing consumes a pilot of The Thing from Another World

Ten years after the release of John Carpenter’s classic psychological horror film The thingDark Horse Comics has finally given fans the sequel they’ve been asking for. The thing from another world picks up at the end of the film and sees MacReady and Child’s trek across the arctic tundra in search of another outpost. Unfortunately for them, the alien threat follows them as well.

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The original comic book series is the perfect blend of the film’s subtle tension and over-the-top action the comics are known for. MacReady and Childs are perfectly written and mirror their established characters from the movie, and it’s interesting to see where the story goes.

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ashes (2007-2008)


While Freddy versus Jason was a fun big screen horror game, Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash took things a step further. The story follows Jason as he wanders through the woods with Freddy’s soul trapped within him. Meanwhile, Ash Williams is called to Crystal Lake where he gets involved with Jason, thinking he is a deadite.

The book seamlessly blends elements from each franchise, and none of the three main characters seem superfluous. The book is as bloody as it is funny, and its weird premise seems won over by the extent to which it pushes its horror action in a campy direction.

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser (1989-1993)

Pinhead winces as he looks up from Clive Barker's Hellraiser

The test of a great franchise is whether it can branch out into other media and still be as effective as its films. hellraiser introduced author and filmmaker Clive Barker to the mainstream, and fans couldn’t get enough of his twisted visions. Hellraiser by Clive Barker was an anthology series that delivered a new story in the hellraiser myth in every issue.

The variety of possible stories presented in the comic was its greatest strength, and it was fascinating to see what new directions the book would go in. The variety of cenobites and the depravity of their deeds are explored to their most nightmarish conclusion. comic. With a variety of different art styles throughout the book, horror is presented in many different ways.

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