SUPERSIZED COMEDY arrives at the Carriage House Theater

The Carriage Theater and the Hartford Fringe Festival will present SUPERSIZED WOMEN OF COMEDY this Friday, October 21 at 7:30 p.m.

The show is currently touring theaters nationwide over the past seven weeks, beginning with several shows in Rochester, New York, New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut and Boston.

Three award-winning comedians, two from New York and one based in Boston, bring their talents to Hartford to perform on the hit show known as SUPERSIZED COMEDY. The event is described as a mix of stand-up songs, feel-good songs and interactive characters. This 90-minute variety show explores society’s perceived standards of beauty through insightful humor, improvisation, sketches and music. Weight is central to their comedy, but they guarantee “you’ll walk away lighter than ever.”

The ladies in the cast have either lost a hundred pounds, want to lose a hundred pounds, helped someone lose a hundred pounds, or are somewhere in between on their health journey. The “comic sheroes” for the Hartford race are Carolann Valentino, Jess Miller and creator/writer, Mary Dimino.

Mary Dimino is a familiar face on television, his credits include Comedy CentralNBC’s Today, FOX’s Laughs, VH-1’s Best Week Ever, HBO’s Chris Rock Show, The Graham Norton Effect, sketches on CBS’s The Late Show and dozens of national commercials. Mary Dimino is the winner of the MAC Award for Best Female Comedian and the star of two critically acclaimed off-Broadway solo plays, SCARED SKINNY, which won Best Solo Show at the New York International Fringe Festival, and BIG DUMMY, which won won a United Solo award. of Theater Row.

Next in the cast is Carolann Valentino, powerhouse entertainer, singer, comedian, award-winning fitness instructor and motivational specialist. His solo show Burnt at the Steak swept the Canadian Fringe circuit winning 15 awards and rave reviews. Valentino has been seen off-Broadway, as well as television appearances on CBS, VH-1, Last Comic Standing and Comcast. Best in Show Award at the Canadian Fringe,

Jess Miller is a laureate of the Ladies Room Comedy Festival in New York.

She has performed at Caroline’s on Broadway, Boston Comedy Chicks, Women of Comedy Festival, Big Pine and was a finalist at the Devil Cup Comedy Festival in New York. Miller is a crowd favorite wherever she performs, breaking down barriers with her distinctive observations about being gay in America. Miller hosted a long-running successful monthly show at Hu Ke Lau, calling it OMG! It’s only Wednesday?

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