Sam Raimi directing a Stephen King movie would come full circle in his career

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness director Sam Raimi wants to direct a Stephen King movie, which would bring his career full circle.

Sam Raimi recently said he wanted to lead a Stephen King movie, and if he did, it would hark back to the beginnings of his career and come full circle. Many movie fans would say that Raimi making his return to horror is a long overdue event, as he hasn’t achieved anything in the genre since 2009. drag me to hell. Raimi has been attached to horror ever since as a producer, but outside of a few potential projects that seemed to go nowhere, he’s not used to scary anymore.

Of course, we could count the new releases Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which, although not a horror film in its entirety, contains many horror elements. From zombies to demons to Lovecraftian beasts, Doctor Strange’s second solo adventure is arguably the closest Marvel Studios has come to the horror genre. In some ways, it almost feels like a stealthy entry into the evil Dead franchise that launched Raimi’s career, with the cameo of Ash Williams himself, B-movie icon Bruce Campbell.


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It is possible that without the success of evil Dead and its sequels, Raimi could never have climbed the Hollywood ladder, eventually earning the right to bring Spider Man on the big screen. Yet without Stephen King, evil Dead may never have become a success. When the first evil Dead was released, it proved to be far from an overnight success, that is, until King attended a Cannes screening of it in 1982 and began to publicly defend the debut of Raimi. In fact, King loved it so much he even wrote an enthusiastic review of it in Twilight Zone Magazine. This caused distributors to give the micro-budget story of demonic possession a second look, and it was eventually picked up by New Line Cinema for distribution, launching Raimi’s career. If Raimi were to direct a Stephen King adaptation, it would essentially bring his career back to the man who inadvertently helped launch him.

Stephen King with a typewriter

As if that weren’t enough, Stephen King also helped get evil death 2 done later. When Raimi had trouble financing the sequel, King turned to his frequent producing collaborator Dino de Laurentiis and convinced him to cough up the money. Of course, Raimi is far from the only horror creator to receive a career boost from King. When fellow titan of horror literature – and later film director – Clive Barker’s first book was released in the US, King offered his highest praise, putting Barker’s name on Hollywood’s lips. .

Stephen King was also a good friend of George A. Romero and a frequent collaborator with the legendary zombie maestro, with the two working together on the popular horror show anthology films, among other projects. King has never been shy about talking about other creative people he finds interesting, and sometimes it pays them huge dividends. It remains to be seen whether Sam Raimi will actually lead a Stephen King movie, but there are certainly plenty of options available, including dozens of stories that still haven’t been adapted.

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