Ridley Scott reacts to the Last Duel box office failure


Last Due director Ridley Scott shares his take on the box office failure of his latest landmark epic, starring Matt Damon and Jodie Comer.

The Last Duel director Ridley Scott gives his thoughts on the film’s poor box office performance. The last duel is based on the 2004 novel of the same name by Erik Jager. Its story is set in medieval France and revolves around Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon), who is forced to challenge his squire and friend Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver) to a combat trial after Jean’s wife Marguerite ( Jodie Comer), accuses Jacques of having sexually assaulted her. The events of the film are told from the point of view of each of the characters mentioned above in the perspective of the last judicial duel recorded in the country.


After a myriad of delays due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, The last duel finally debuted on October 15 and received a lot of praise from critics, earning an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score of 86%. The film featured a star-studded lineup with figures including Damon, Driver and Comer, as well as Ben Affleck, Harriet Walter and Alex Lawther. However, the positive reviews and the magnificent cast couldn’t save The last duel to be a box office bomb, because it grossed a paltry $ 26 million against a production budget of $ 100 million.

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While promoting his upcoming biographical drama Gucci House with The New York Times (Going through collider), Scott thought about the “extremely disappointing“box office performance of her most recent film. The director opened up about a similar storyline he faced following the release of his cult sci-fi classic. Blade runner in 1982 when he was “crucified“by critics. He also stressed the importance of”never read“in the words of the critics, because it could turn out to be”fatalto a filmmaker. Check out what he had to say below:

“It was extremely disappointing. The fatal thing is when you think you have it, you don’t – I thought I had it on ‘Blade Runner’ and I didn’t! I was crucified by a great critic at the time called Pauline Kael. That’s why I never read reviews, ever. You have to be your own decision maker – if you care about what the public thinks and whatever he wants is fatal. A good movie will be found, and now ‘Blade Runner’ is in the Library of Congress. “

Ridley Scott The Last Rotten Tomato Dueling Series

While the pandemic may have made some moviegoers skeptical about heading to the movies at this time, it should be noted that The last duel was also accompanied by a franchise film in the form of Halloween kills, which came out the same weekend. However, the horror sequel enjoyed a much higher screening, earning $ 50 million in its first three days in theaters. The repercussions of poor box office returns for Ridley Scott’s epic could be huge, as studio executives might feel dissuaded from committing to other big-budget original projects in the near future.

However, the fact that the above Blade runner and some of Scott’s earlier work like that of 2005 Kingdom of paradise are now considered classics in their respective genres indicates that all hope is not lost regarding the legacy of The last duel is concerned. While the legendary director may have been bowled over by the box office performance of his latest feature film, his accompanying advice will most certainly resonate with up-and-coming directors and help them make an impact in the film. Film Industry. During this time, The last duel still has a chance for immediate redemption when its home and digital media release arrives in a few weeks.

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Source: The New York Times (Going through Collider)

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