REinvent Sells Helmer’s “Storm” Photo “Young Royals”

REinvent International Sales has concluded a banner sale to Gussi for Latin America on the Norwegian picture “Storm”, which is screened at New Nordic Films Market in Haugesund, August 23-26.

The Norwegian thriller drama, written by Johan Fasting (“Home Ground,” “Ninjababy”), is the feature debut of Erika Calmeyer, episodic director of Netflix’s hit teen show “Young Royals” and creator of NRK’s ​​anthology “Nudes”.

The headliner of the picture is Ane Dahl Torp (“The Wave”, “Home Ground”), interpreted as the single mother Elin, who faces a terrible dilemma, following the death of her son Ulrik (6 years old). The boy was playing with his sister Storm (10) when he drowned, but classmates claim Storm actually pushed his brother into the river. Elin’s unconditional love for her daughter is called into question, as she must face the truth of what happened by the river.

“Elin is faced with an impossible dilemma where she is both trying to defend her daughter against serious charges, while also beginning to wonder if her daughter might actually be guilty. The way a mother and a person maneuver in such a situation was my driving force in making this movie,” Calmeyer said.

Helene Aurø, director of sales and marketing at REinvent, said several other buyers were circling the pic, which is set to open at home on September 30 via SF Studios.

The Scandinavian outlet has a strong presence at the film event on the shores of Haugesund. Projects in post-production at Works in Progress include the anticipated sci-fi title “UFO Sweden,” captured by Germany (Telepool), Spain (A Contracorriente Films) and Hungary (Vertigo); Alex Herron’s Norwegian-American horror photo “Leave”. pre-sold in more than 20 territories; Football-themed “Forever” by Anders Hazelius, the director of “Thunder in My Heart”; and Oscar-nominated Nils Gaup’s “The Riot.”

Completed photos include the period piece “Burn All My Letters” by “The Wife” director Björn Runge, screened at the market; the thriller “Love Proof” by Richard Hobert; and Erik Poppe’s period epic ‘The Emigrants’, presented at the festival.

Credit: Torbjorn Sundal Holen / Paradoxe Film

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