Ravi Teja’s Khiladi Bombs At The Box Office With A Poor First Week

Ravi Teja’s star Khiladi performed poorly at the box office with first week collections of just over Rs. 18 million. Coming off the biggest gross of his career, Krack, Ravi Teja’s star had very high costs, more than his usual films. To have a chance of succeeding, you had to open hard but that was not the case with an ordinary start last week. Public reception was poor, which meant that the trends were also fairly ordinary.
The film was overshadowed by a much smaller DJ Tillu version, which was released a day later, but yesterday’s collections were little higher than that film. There was also a Hindi dubbed version, but it wasn’t fair to expect anything from that given that little or nothing was known about it.

Khiladi’s daily box office collections at the Indian box office are as follows:

Friday – Rs. 5.75 crore

Saturday – Rs. 3.50 crore

Sunday – Rs. 3.50 crore

Monday – Rs. 2 crore

Tuesday – Rs. 1.40 crore

Wednesday – Rs. 1.10 crore

Thursday – Rs. 0.85 crore

Total – Rs. 18.10 crores

The film has a budget of Rs. 60 crores and the cinema rights in India were sold at around Rs. 25 crores, but the Indian box office first week share is only Rs. 9.75 crores . There’s no major new release this week, but collections were at very low levels during weekdays to give it a chance for a somewhat decent second week. Distributors will end up losing more than half of their investment for the film.

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