‘Power of Faith’: NFL Star Kurt Warner Hopes ‘American Underdog’ Shows Circumstances Don’t Define No One’s Lives


An uplifting film based on the true story of former NFL superstar Kurt Warner and his life before footballing glory is set to be released on Christmas Day.

During an interview with The Christian Post (CP), Warner explained that the film, American Underdog: The Story of Kurt Warner, is meant to inspire people who dream of becoming better and doing more.

“People need to see real life. They need to understand that this is a true story. All of these things really happened,” Warner told CP. “Your circumstances don’t necessarily have to be what defines you. Your circumstances don’t necessarily have to be what shapes your final life story.”

From humble beginnings as a stockist in a grocery store to becoming Super Bowl MVP and Professional Football Hall of Fame Champion, Warner and his wife Brenda wanted to share their story with others as a way to inspire the hope.

“Most people have their supermarket moment,” Warner noted. “Most people have this moment where they’re like, ‘Okay, how did I get here? And how can I get out of here? I can’t even see the path to who I really want to be in life. “And so they resonate with them, those moments.”

Andrew and John Erwin, creators of I can only imagine and I still believe said Warner’s commitment to success motivated them to make the film with Lionsgate and Kingdom Story Company.

“The true story of Kurt and Brenda Warner’s faith and determination has deeply inspired Andy and I,” said director / writer Jon Erwin. “We can’t wait for it to inspire audiences across America this Christmas. It’s a great time to get together with family and rekindle your dreams. If he can make his dream come true, we all can.”

The film stars Zachary Levi, Anna Paquin, Dennis Quaid, Virginia Madsen and Adam Baldwin.

The debut of American Underdog comes at a time when people need encouragement. Warner told CP that the film’s Christmas Day release was the “perfect moment.”

“There are a lot of people who have found themselves in situations that they never thought they would be in, that ‘outsider role’ now when they never thought they would be there,” he said. said Warner.

“And that’s, to me, why this movie is important. It will connect with all of these people in different ways. And I think it can help them challenge them and move them forward,” he said. he adds.

Joe Drake, chairman of Lionsgate, said American Underdog’s release date fits in with the holiday spirit.

“This film aligns perfectly with the emotions of the holiday season: the power of faith. A drive to bring out the best in each of us. The strength of family. And, of course, the climax of the NFL championship season, ”Drake pointed out. “When you take it all together, the perfect release date for this movie is Christmas Day, and that’s where we decided to date it.”

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