Part 1 Box Office Day 2: John Abraham Starrer stays low on Saturday

Box Office – Attack – Part 1 remains low on Saturday (Photo credit: Still From Attack)

There hasn’t been much of a boost in numbers for Attack – Part 1 because 3.75 crore* others have arrived. On Friday, the film had collected 3.51 crore and since this was not in line with expectations, ideally the collections should have at least doubled on Saturday. However, that was always going to be a monumental task, as a trend like this is usually seen for much smaller movies that rely entirely on word of mouth, one example being The Kashmir Files. When it comes to commercial artists like Attack – Part 1, the collections need to be there from day one itself.

We just hope now that Sunday is better and that the collections are well ahead of the 7.26 crore* that have been collected so far. For John Abraham, there is a lot going on in the movie as he not only helmed it as an actor but also wrote the story and then produced the movie. He’s been quite enthusiastic about the film throughout the pandemic and patiently waited for filming to wrap up and then hit theaters, despite tempting offers from OTT.

Considering this is indeed a unique Bollywood attempt, we’re just waiting to see if the film manages to stand up to RRR’s challenge. [Hindi] and shows a much better jump on Sunday.

*Estimates. Final figures expected

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources

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