OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Cristian Romero joins Atalanta on two-year loan

Cristian Romero was in a bit of a no man’s land after his loan year at Genoa.

If he were to stay with Juventus he would have been a replacement and nothing more than that, except in the event of a serious injury. But, with Juve having plenty of defenders ahead of him and there was a need to downsize the squad, there was the underlying fact that Romero was providing something others didn’t – a potential bargaining chip as well. that an asset to potentially get money during a summer when post-pandemic money is hard to come by.

We got our answer.

Juventus announced on Saturday that the expected has become official: Romero has joined Atalanta on a two-year loan until 2022. As expected, Atalanta also has the option of arranging the transfer of the young defender Argentinian is permanent, with a fixed duration. with fees of 16 million euros being agreed to accompany loan costs of 2 million euros and potential additions of 2 million euros over the next two years.

This would bring the maximum amount Juventus could take out of the deal to € 20million.

Details of the deal on the official Juventus website:

Turin, September 5, 2020 – Juventus Football Club SpA announces that an agreement has been finalized with Atalanta BCSpA for a two-season loan, until June 30, 2022, of registration rights for player Cristian Romero for a consideration of 2 million euros to pay during the current fiscal year.

The agreed consideration could be increased up to € 2 million if certain sports performance targets are achieved during the two-season period.

The agreement also gives Atalanta BCSpA an option right on the final acquisition of the player at a price of 16 million euros payable over three financial years.

Considering Juventus paid Genoa € 26million for Romero 14 months ago, it doesn’t seem exactly like the Italian champions are selling high on a player who doesn’t completely need him at the moment. (It’s not exactly something that will help the club’s debt, although it may look good on the balance sheets and follow the rules of financial fair play, right?)

Romero, who turned 22 in April, spent the last season on loan at Genoa after Juventus rushed in and signed him after months of rumors. With Matthijs de Ligt and Merih Demiral ahead of him in the pecking order, it was always going to be a difficult task to get playing time right away at Juventus, and that’s what Genoa was able to provide him last season. . (That was always the plan right away and something we knew was going to happen when Juve signed him last summer.)

That Juve considered him surplus because they thought he was not ready for Genoa’s move to the top club in Serie A or they were just not happy with his development, the fact that He will spend at least the next two years with Atalanta in Bergamo could say a lot about his standing compared to other young Juventus defenders.

But like so many other young players that Juve have bought from other Italian clubs in recent years, Romero will probably never wear a Juve shirt even though he has signed with the Italian champions. It’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, unfortunately.

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