O’Brien, Carrey and Dole praise “comedy genius” Norm Macdonald


Other comedians and many more pay homage to Norm Macdonald, star of stand-up comics and “Saturday Night Live”, who died Tuesday at the age of 61.

NEW YORK – Reactions to the death of Norm Macdonald, who died of cancer on Tuesday at the age of 61.

“I am absolutely devastated by Norm Macdonald. Norm had the most unique comedic voice I have ever encountered and he was so funny and uncompromising. I will never laugh so hard again. I am so sad for all of us today. – Conan O’Brien on Twitter.

“Each of us loved Norm. Some of the hardest laughs of my life with this man. The most fearless and funny original guy we know. An amazing dad. A great friend. A legend. I love you mate. – Adam Sandler on Instagram.

“Norm was in a kind of comedy of his own. No one like him on this planet. Please do yourself a favor and watch his business. He was one of a kind ”- Sarah Silverman on Twitter.

“He was one of our most precious gems. An honest and courageous comedy genius. I love it. ”- Jim Carrey, via Twitter.

“The world was a much more fun place because Norm Macdonald was there. We have lost a comedic genius and a great Canadian. I send my condolences to his loved ones and to the countless fans who mourn his passing. – Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, on Twitter.

“Norm was a great talent and I loved laughing with him on SNL. (asterisk) Bob Dole (asterisk) will be missed by Norm Macdonald. –Former Senator Bob Dole, whom Macdonald played on “Saturday Night Live” often, via Twitter.

“He was an original. When I would watch young comics in the first comedy TV shows, like The Improv or Catch a Rising Star, I would study the style of each comic and think, oh yeah, he does Leno or he does Letterman or he does Rickles. . When Norm arrived, I said he wasn’t doing anything for anyone. – Bob Newhart, in an emailed statement.

“We loved Norm MacDonald. One of a kind.” – Steve Martin, via Twitter.

“I was a huge fan of Norm Macdonald and I basically ripped off his performance when I first started playing, I stayed awake specifically to watch him on talk shows. He was the funniest guest ever. We lost a comedy giant today. One of the greatest of all time. – Seth Rogen, via Twitter.

“No one could crack you like Norm Macdonald. Hilarious and unique. – Jon Stewart on Twitter.

“Today the world has lost a very, very funny man. We already miss him.” – Eugène Lévy, via Twitter.

“Oh my God, what’s even going on. Goodbye, Norm. You have never been 100% hilarious. – Patton Oswalt, via Twitter.

“Your smart comedy and the way you care so much about words, phrases and storytelling was unlike anyone else. Just awesome. Your writing was like poetry. – Molly Shannon on Instagram.

“Today is a sad day. All of us here at SNL mourn the loss of Norm Macdonald, one of the most impactful comedic voices of his generation or any generation. There is so much we will miss about it. about Norm – from his unwavering integrity to his generosity to his constant ability to surprise. But most of all, he was just plain funny. No one was funny like Norm. – “Saturday Night Live”, in a statement sent by courier electronic.


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