No Time to Die Box Office, Birdgirl and Ghostbusters: Afterlife Early Reviews


No Time to Die and Weekend Box Office Numbers Are Not Great, Birdgirl Misses the Target and Ghostbusters: Afterlife Reviews Open Old Wounds | Daily COG

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The Daily Gender Cup (DailyCOG) is the quintessential podcast of LRM Genreverse podcast network. What is The Genreverse? It’s everything you’ve always loved, all in one place. Of Star wars To Star Trek, Anime to Disney princess films, and PlayStation to NES… The Genreverse is as limitless as the multiverse of DC and Marvel. This show takes all of that, adds chaos, and gives you entertainment. Make us your first stop every Monday to Friday, welcome to Daily COG and enjoy the show!

00: 00- Intro and Kiyone the kitty cat
01: 50- No time to die disappoints at the box office
09:20 – Piracy and the willingness to wait for streaming hurt movies
12: 03- The importance of merchandise and paying for stuff
16: 58- Birdgirl Review: He missed the mark
19:09 – Is Birdgirl awake or anti-awake? We do not know
26: 01- Ghostbusters: Afterlife First reviews and reactions
31:36 – Why do people hate fan service? They are jealous
37:37 – Positive reviews and more arguments for nostalgia
47: 46- Christine tackles control and final thoughts

In today’s episode, Kyle (@ThatKyleMalone) and NOT Manny (@LRM_Emmanuel) are joined by Christine (Anime-Versal Reviews) to discuss the latest entertainment news through The Genreverse. It’s another Monday and that means we have some box office numbers to look at. How successful has James Bond been? Additionally, the team saw Birdgirl this weekend and found it disappointing. However, this is the last subject that really makes the blood boil, as Kyle and Christine react to early reviews of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. What is fanservice and why is it a good thing? All this and more in your Daily Cup of Genre!

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