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It’s getting hot outside and streaming services are offering hot new movies.

This weekend, Ben Affleck and her ex Ana de Armas play complicated lovers in a Hulu erotic thriller based on a novel by Patricia Highsmith, while Lily Collins and jesse plemons are a couple stalked by Jason Segel in a Hitchcockian Netflix film. Regina Room headlines an Amazon Prime social horror movie (and Highlight of the Sundance Film Festival) which explores the history of witchcraft and systemic racism, and Oscar winner Mark Rylance headlines a period crime drama alongside Dylan O’Brien.

Here’s a guide to new movies that will satisfy all cinematic tastes, as well as some notable theatrical movies making their home video on demand debut:

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If you want to see the movie that won’t be part of an evening between Ben Affleck and JLo: “Deep Water”

“Flashdance” and “Fatal Attraction” filmmaker Adrian Lyne hasn’t made a movie in 20 years, but for some reason he came back for it. This throwback to ridiculous ’90s thrillers stars Affleck and de Armas as a snail-loving rich man and his boundary-pushing wife. They have an open relationship to keep their marriage together, she seduces guys in front of him, and her lovers tend to disappear and/or die. Let’s just say Affleck has better chemistry with the Snails.

Where to watch: Hulu

Regina Hall (left, with Amber Gray) plays a faculty member at a predominantly white New England college where strange things are brewing in the social horror film "Master."

If you like great and thoughtful horror films: “Master”

Set in an elite New England college, director Mariama Diallo’s eerie, twisty and challenging delight stars Hall as a new dean of students (aka “master”) who sees ghosts and terrifying footage as Zoe Renee is a freshman placed in a supposedly haunted. dormitory. Scary things are brewing at the location, which was the site of a Salem-era gallows, though the scariest topics are the microaggressions and non-supernatural obstacles black women face.

Where to watch: Amazon Premier

‘Master’:Regina Hall co-stars with ‘some very diva-like maggots’ in new horror movie

Mark Rylance plays an expert English tailor working in Chicago who must outwit a team of gangsters to survive the night in "The clothe."

If you like old-school gangster movies: “The Outfit”

Oscar-winning writer Graham Moore (“The Imitation Game”) makes his directorial debut with this intriguing and intimate 1950s detective story, starring Rylance as Leonard, an Englishman who runs a tailor’s shop in Chicago frequented by gangsters. When young hoods (O’Brien and Johnny Flynn) seek refuge during a turf war, Leonard must outwit a team of mobsters searching for a rat among them as his own secret history is revealed.

Where to watch: In theaters

Jason Segel (from left) interrupts a wealthy couple (Lily Collins and Jesse Plemons) during a getaway to "Bargain."

If you like watching rich people squirm: ‘Windfall’

Written and directed by Charlie McDowell (“The One I Love”), the offbeat thriller stars Segel as a mysterious stranger who invites himself into the vacant deserted getaway of a high-profile CEO (Plemons ) and his wife (Collins, who is McDowell’s real-life spouse). When the pair suddenly show up, however, the intruder is put in an awkward position and takes them hostage. Things spiral out of control from there for all three, as pent-up feelings boil over, things get bloody, and escapism starts to look different for each character.

Where to watch: netflix

Owen Campbell (left to right), Brittany Snow, Mia Goth, Scott Mescudi and Jenna Ortega play a group of filmmakers who travel to Texas to make an adult film and run into a strange elderly couple in "X."

If you like old school horror movies: ‘X’

The next time you want to film porn at an older couple’s house, don’t. Director Ti West’s latest horror jam kicks off like a ’70s gore fest, starring Brittany Snow, Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi, Jenna Ortega and Mia Goth as members of a DIY adult film crew who rent a Texas farmhouse as a movie set and are forced into a murderous storyline, but deviously turn into a well-crafted (and bloody) play about lust , desire and aging .

Where to watch: In theaters

Jenna Ortega:Why the ‘Scream’ and ‘X’ star is ‘attracted to the darker things’

Keke Palmer stars as an enslaved woman who escapes and gains a new perspective in the drama "Alice."

If you haven’t seen ‘Antebellum’ yet: ‘Alice’

The 2020 horror film Janelle Monáe shares a key plot point with “Alice”, although here the fact that a female slave (Keke Palmer) working on an 18th-century Georgian plantation discovers that it is actually 1973 is not a spoiler – it’s where the disco-era thriller begins. Alice de Palmer takes a crash course in culture and civil rights from a helpful truck driver (Common) and yearns for revenge on her sadistic caretaker (Jonny Lee Miller) as she cathartically reclaims her identity.

Where to watch: In theaters

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is tested like never before in "Spider-Man: No Coming Home."

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