Neve Campbell Returns to Her Horror Roots in American Red Cross Ad

The American Red Cross has released an announcement asking people to please donate blood and Neve Campbell, best known for playing the role of Sidney Prescott in the beloved film Scream franchise, stars in it.

The ad, titled “A Bloody Nightmare,” jokes that instead of bloodshed in horror movies, people should give it away. The video delves into the silly choices characters like this make as they face danger and walk straight into a killer’s lair.

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The ad opens in a way familiar to many: with a snapshot of a house at night, resembling many of the most famous horror movie houses. Neve Campbell wears a leather jacket, which is how Sidney often dresses in the Scream franchise. Campbell is about to go upstairs when she turns to the camera and asks, “Why am I running from the killer instead of grabbing something big and pointy? Stupid.”

There are many memorable quotes from slasher movies, especially from Sidney, and how she often talks about how stupid horror movie characters are because they run upstairs instead of out the front door , fans of the franchise will appreciate this line. In the following shots, various actors talk about the silly ways people “shed their blood,” ranging from a cheerleading camp next to a killer to a couple going to a popular hangout on Friday the 13th at midnight where a villain with a hook for a hand walks towards them.

Campbell appears on screen again saying people need blood whether they have cancer or are about to give birth and then a man says they could have donated blood instead of “die like a predictable horror movie”. Campbell then says that while 50% of Americans enjoy watching horror movies, only 3% donate blood, which is a “frightening” statistic.

As Neve Campbell returned for Scream (2022) to play Sidney again, Neve Campbell decided not to return for Cry 6, explaining that she was not satisfied with the salary offer made to her. Neve Campbell has starred in many great films besides the horror franchise, but her role as Sidney is definitely one of her most beloved. More recently, Campbell starred in the television adaptation of Lincoln’s lawyer as Maggie McPherson and stars as Raven in the upcoming TV series twisted metalwhich is currently running, according to IMDb.

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Source: American Red Cross

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