Mel Gibson’s forgotten comedy just released on Netflix


Given the high-profile personal issues that have seen him film more than once saying bad things, there’s a whole generation of moviegoers who just can’t get the idea of Mel Gibson as a romantic leader, but during his heyday atop Hollywood’s A-List, he was one of the biggest and most versatile stars in the business.

Action, drama, comedy, romance, historical epics; name a genre, and there’s a good chance Gibson found success there in the ’80s and’ 90s. One of his greatest hits came at the turn of the millennium in romantic comedy What women Want, which grossed $ 374 million at the box office and earned the main man a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in the Musical or Comedy category.

What women Want

Directed by romantic comedy veteran Nancy Myers, who went on to write and direct Something must give, Holidays and It is complicated, Gibson plays chauvinistic advertising director Nick Marshall, who learns the ability to hear what women think. Initially, he uses it for his personal gain, but ends up falling in love with his professional rival, helping those around him and seeking to reconnect with his daughter.

What women Want proved so popular that it was remade for Indian and Chinese audiences within a decade, while Taraji P. Henson would headline thinly veiled retreads. What men want in 2019. The original is now streaming on Netflix and serves as a reminder of Mel GibsonThe actor’s undeniable star power, with the actor generating a lot of chemistry with his counterpart Helen Hunt, and it’s quite an entertaining diversion for those who like their studio comedies to stay light and frothy.

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