Magic Mike Created a Bank as a Trojan Stripper Movie

Soderbergh and Tatum teamed up to independently produce the film on a measly $7 million production budget. Warner Bros. wisely acquired the United States distribution rights, seeing the film’s commercial potential. The studio released “Magic Mike” in theaters right in the start of the summer movie season on June 29, 2012. What’s pretty remarkable is that it didn’t even top the charts when it was released. opening weekend, losing to “Ted,” yet it still grossed $39 million, ranking number two. Meanwhile, Pixar’s “Brave” earned $34 million in third place. It was a very different time.

“Magic Mike” fell all the way to fifth place on weekend two, taking in $15.6 million, but all in all it held up very well despite competition from other summer tentpoles like ” The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Ice Age: Continental Drift.” Held well enough, in fact, to end its domestic run with a jaw-dropping $113.7 million, to go with an international haul of $54 million for a total of $167.7 million – huge success counts given its small budget. Not bad for a strip movie that basically got audiences to watch a subversive story with something to say.

Naturally, a sequel was made in the form of “Magic Mike XXL” which, quite honestly, looks more like the movie audiences probably thought they were getting the first time around. And, as one might guess, “XXL” did exceptionally well, grossing $123.5 million, which means the two films made a combined $294.1 million against combined budgets totaling just $21. $5 million. This is what studios might call the good s***.

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