Kolkata: Man calls neighbor at home to repay 4,000 rupee loan, rapes her and threatens her

When the girl pressured Nantu, he asked her to come to his residence (Representative Image). | Photo credit: iStock images


  • Calcutta man allegedly raped 16-year-old girl at home on Thursday
  • The girl went to the home of the accused to recover 4,000 Rs that she had lent him

Calcutta: A man allegedly raped his neighbor while she was on her way to his home to recover the Rs 4,000 she had lent him. The woman is a Madhyamik aspirant. The incident allegedly took place on Thursday in the Gobindapur settlement area.

An investigation revealed that the man had been arrested under the Wildlife Act violation in the past, when he was allegedly trying to sell geckos. He has been identified as Abir Naskar aka Nantu. He is said to be a known criminal.

The teenager befriended social media and borrowed 4,000 rupees

According to local sources, the accused met the 16-year-old girl on social media. The two also spoke on the phone and after developing a bond, the teenager loaned Nantu 4,000 rupees. Nantu, however, did not return the money to the 16-year-old.

When the girl pressured Nantu, he asked her to come to his house. On the day of the incident, the accused allegedly raped the girl and threatened her, The time of India reported.

The victim’s statement has not yet been registered before the magistrate

The young girl recounted the ordeal to her family when she returned home. As a result, a case was registered against the accused. Nantu was arrested on Saturday. An officer said: “We will have the victim impact statement recorded before a magistrate as soon as possible. It is now placed in a house and under an appropriate file.”

Police said they would file an indictment against the accused at the earliest, requesting a trial in custody of the accused.

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