Kickstand Comedy’s Comedy in the Park series will return to Laurelhurst this summer

One of Portland’s biggest pandemic hits will return this summer.

Kickstand Comedy announced today that its popular Comedy in the Park program will return to Laurelhurst Park beginning July 1.

The shows will be hosted by a stellar lineup of stand-ups: Seth Allen, Tory Ward and Jaren George, all members of the previous classes of WWThe Five Funniest. Attendees can expect even more comedians, touring locally and nationally, as well as immersive sketch performances. Performances in the park’s Concert Grove are free to the public, however, those wishing to support Kickstand’s efforts can donate to the nonprofit online.

Comedy in the Park began two years ago as a way to safely bring live performances back to an outdoor setting during an outbreak where gathering people in confined spaces was a danger. The series was an instant hit, attracting hundreds of viewers who were looking for much-needed excuses to laugh during the pandemic.

Eventually, Comedy in the Park secured sponsors including the City of Portland, Portland Parks & Recreation, and the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

“Thanks to the success of year one, we’ve really been able to grow the series even further this summer and we’re excited to release some amazing comics for PDX audiences,” Kickstand art director Dylan Reiff said in a statement. Press release.

The shows will take place every first, third and fifth Friday of the month until September. Participants are encouraged to sit in the grass at 6 p.m., 30 minutes before the sets start.

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