Kathleen Madigan promises ‘good times’ at Schuster comedy show

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Madigan’s stories come directly from his life. She talks about her family, being Catholic and other observations about life. His current tour is called “Do You Have Any Ranch?” The reference is to his nieces who were obsessed with the ranch one afternoon.

“They kept asking for a ranch, and I’d say I don’t have a salad,” she said. “I went and got five ranch guys and they still didn’t like it. I swear they would put it on the cereal.

During the pandemic, Madigan didn’t want to completely disconnect from her audience, so she started a podcast called “Madigan’s Pubcast.” She said she never started a podcast because she didn’t have time, but the pandemic changed her mind. She also found other things to occupy the time.

“The irony is that every year at Catholic school, the nuns would write on my report card that I wasn’t using my free time productively,” she says. “(During the pandemic) I taught myself to play on my phone. I did things that I didn’t have time for.”

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The current tour continues until the end of this year. In January, Madigan begins his “Boxed Wine and Tiny Banjos” tour. She will also have a new special in 2023. She said she was happy to be back in the Midwest.

“I love all of Ohio. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I worked the clubs there for 10 years. I’m happy to be back,” she said.


What: Kathleen Madigan: Do you have a ranch?

Where: Schuster Center, Second Street and Main Street, Dayton

When: 8 p.m. Friday

Cost: $34.75-$59.75

Tickets or more info: Visit www.daytonlive.org

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