Insane Death-Filled horror movie is one of Netflix’s most viewed movies this week


Sometimes Netflix’s algorithm is inexplicable, and a recent addition to their Top 10 is a prime example. Netflix users have clearly been in the mood for horror lately, and the 2011 film Final destination 5 is currently seated at no. 5th on the list of films this week. Could this renewed interest in the dormant franchise promote the development in a sixth installment?

For those who do not know the franchise, Final destination the movies always follow a group of people who somehow cheat death before slowly realizing that death will always win. They are dying more and more madly and violently. Final destination 5 features survivors of a historic bridge collapse and stars Nicholas D’Agosto and Emma Bell.

Final destination 5 was rated fairly well for a slasher movie, sitting 62% of critics and 52% of audiences on Rotten tomatoes. It was also a moderate success, earn $ 157 million at the international box office.

The enduring and twisted allure of the Final destination the franchise is the endlessly inventive way people die onscreen, and director Steve Quale took that task seriously. “I think the more horrible they are – unexpected, but believable and shocking, like ‘Oh, my God! I can really see this happening to someone.’ Better I thought they would be and so was the suspense, “Quale said. Collider. “It’s not just about showing the horrific deaths. It’s an accumulation. What’s going to happen? How are they going to die and when you finally see it and you care about the characters, it becomes all the more important when they die, because all of a sudden you feel affection for someone, as opposed to a character that you are not interested in, and then they are killed in a horrific and spectacular way. isn’t as impressive as you really care about this character, and this poor person gets killed. But there are many innovative ways to end people’s lives. “


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