‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ Ep. 4 reviews


Impeachment: American Crime Story is back with a brand new episode this week after a solid previous episode. It featured Monica and Bill finally calling for a stop, Paula becoming more prominent and Linda… being Linda. He also saw Billy Eichner’s debut as entertaining sleuth, Matt Drudge. Season three is now on the verge of reaching its midpoint, which means the drama is only on the rise from here on out. Does this episode keep the momentum up or does this episode deserve an impeachment? Let’s find out!

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In this episode, titled “The Telephone Hour,” Monica (Beanie Feldstein) leans on Linda (Sarah Paulson) to support him. Meanwhile, Linda decides to start documenting their conversations. I couldn’t wait to watch this episode because of all aspects of the Lewinsky / Clinton scandal, this one seemed the craziest to me. The very aspect of betrayal alone made it worthy of a TV adaptation and I couldn’t wait to find out more.

I have to admit this is the most disappointed I have been in an episode so far. This could be because the premise wasn’t delivered, or the show cut off the momentum so abruptly. Yes, the story is moving forward but it doesn’t look like that at all. This is due to the delivery method Impeachment: American Crime Story went for this episode. It just didn’t work. It all seemed too sudden and without any impact.

Paulson and Feldstein are the only aspects that make this episode watchable. It’s the intricacies of their performances that really uplift the story. Meaningless dialogues turn into gripping conversations when these two are on screen. It’s Feldstein who brings this woman who is madly in love with all extremes to life, with Paulson and her portrayal of Linda really grounding the show in situations we can all relate to. Another great actress that I expect to see is Edie Falco as Hillary Clinton. I mentioned it last week but this episode reiterated it again with an ominous ending… HILLARY ARRIVES WITH RIGHT ANGER AND THE REVENGE OF THE GODS.

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Impeachment: American Crime Story really needs to step up its pace if it is to match the quality established by previous iterations. Making this season a drama-centric one that didn’t revolve around murder was always going to be a tough hurdle to overcome. He must have an interesting topic, which he does, but the delivery of it hasn’t been up to par lately. Yes, the season is not over and the tension continues to mount, but we are almost halfway there and we are there. I have the utmost confidence that this season will end up being another big entry, but to say it’s definitely so far would stretch it.

Overall, this episode of Impeachment: American Crime Story is breaking his promise for the first time this season. With what was in place and what was to come, this episode fell flat in its delivery. The only thing that made the episode recoverable and worth watching were the performances of Feldstein and Paulson. Along with Clive Owen, Annaleigh Ashford, and Billy Eichner, they’re the only ones keeping this show worth watching. Once Falco gets bigger, maybe the narrative will change for this season. – Kenneth colon

Rating: 6/10

New episodes of Impeachment: American Crime Story premieres Tuesdays at 10 p.m. / 9 a.m. on FX.

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