How Everything, Everywhere, At Once broke a box office record

Everything Everywhere All at Once proved its power at the box office. After beating another A24 movie, here’s why the movie was such a hit.

How Everything everywhere all at once broke a big box office record. When it comes to the multiverse, writer-director duo Daniel Scheinert and Dan Kwan (known collectively as the Daniels) do it like no one else before them. The film, starring Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu and Ke Huy Quan, premiered at the 2022 SXSW Film Festival and only opened on ten cinema screens on March 25 before expanding to more. cinemas in North America.

Everything everywhere all at once has, unsurprisingly, become a huge success. While many have argued that cinemas largely attract big studio films – mostly superhero films lately – Daniels’ film reveals that audiences are still hungry for inventive dramas that don’t necessarily require movies. million worth of CGI action footage. At the time of this writing, Everything everywhere all at once broke A24’s box office record by becoming the highest-grossing film the studio had ever released, earning $52.26 million domestically and counting. Including the worldwide box office, Everything everywhere all at once raised nearly $57 million worldwide. Previously, the A24 record for the highest-grossing theatrical release belonged to the film starring Adam Sandler Uncut Gemswhich grossed a total of $50 million at the domestic box office.


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It was clear Everything everywhere all at once would do well at the box office after opening with half a million dollars in just a few markets in the United States. As a movie, the family drama has a lot to offer audiences, including multiverse creativity and mayhem and kung fu action sequences. The movie also has a lot of heart and isn’t afraid to be quirky and imaginative. To this end, Everything everywhere all at once the critical acclaim probably bolstered the film’s overall success. It currently has a score of 95% with 287 reviews. But it wasn’t just the reviews that the film pleased; moviegoers clearly love it too, with an audience score of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s possible the movie will continue to do well at the box office thanks to positive word-of-mouth. It’s a family film that’s also full of fantasy and adventure, stunning visuals, and a sense of humor despite some of its darker plot points. Plus, the Daniels’ mix of genres and hearts appeals to audiences of all ages. Everything everywhere all at once has it all: a meaningful story, great characters, a compelling premise, and creativity in spades.

everywhere all at once at the box office

It’s not just that the film is a multiverse story – there’s plenty of it offered by the Marvel Studios and DC Comics adaptations. It’s in the way Daniels executed the story, while simultaneously placing a reluctant and frustrated protagonist at its center who must not only take flight, but fight for his family. The publicity campaign for the film was also excellent and effective, with A24 using social media very well. The movie’s trailer also leaned heavily into the absurdity one would expect of an abundance to have so much multiverse mayhem. There were also interviews and magazine cover stories discussing Everything everywhere all at once and making the film behind the scenes.

Everything everywhere all at once has only been in theaters for nine weeks, but it’s proven to be a powerhouse. Getting as big as it has on a $25 million budget also suggests that A24 could take their film to the Oscars. The film has now expanded theatrically, playing on 1,576 screens nationwide. As more and more people go to see the movie, its power and acclaim shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

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