Godfather Box Office Collection Day 8 (Early Trends): To end his run with 80 Cr for life

Godfather has now entered week two, it was released on October 5 to positive reviews from critics. The film is a remake of the Malayalam film Lucifer and stars actor Boss Chiranjeevi in ​​the lead role.

The theatrical rights to the film were sold for 91 crores, according to Telugu reports. And it fetched more than 53 crore shares in its first week, it needs about 39 crores more distributor shares to become a box office success.

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Box Office Collection Day 8

It hit 57.15 lacs from early ticket sales for Wednesday. And early trends suggest the film will earn Rs 1.50 crore on Wednesday to take the domestic collection total to Rs 66.36 crore.

It looks difficult for Chiranjeevi starrer to hit the breakeven target as he has started to show declining earnings in the domestic market (AP-TG), which is the main contributor. The film is steady in the Hindi market but again declining, however, the Hindi business will be seen as a bonus as it was released in Hindi with no promotion or marketing.

Godfather-Hindi Box Office (Day-Wise): Day 1 (Rs 1.05 Cr), Day 2 (Rs 0.75 Cr), Day 3 (Rs 0.9 Cr), Day 4 (Rs 1.35 Cr), Day 5 (Rs 1.55 Cr), Day 6 (Rs 0.65 Cr), Day 7 (Rs 0.57 Cr)**, Day 8 (Rs 0.45 Cr)**

The film’s next goal will be to cross the national net mark of 70 Cr and then end its run with a lifetime of 75-80 Cr.

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Is the sponsor a beneficiary?

Well, we can’t say about its buyers just yet, but the makers of the film surely seem to be making huge profits. As they have already broken even for movie rights.

And apparently, the digital rights of the film have been acquired by Netflix (Telugu + Hindi) at a cost of 57 crores. Now, even if we don’t include satellite rights and music rights, that’s a return on investment of 58 crores (according to the formula ROI = Earnings-Budget). FYI, the Godfather’s budget is 90 crores.

**: first estimates, final reports are awaited.

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