Glenbard West Theater’s ‘Midsummer Jersey’ stages Shakespeare’s comedy on the promenade


The Glenbard West Theater will present its fall comedy, “Midsummer Jersey”, by Ken Ludwig. Performances are scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, October 21 and 22, and 2 p.m. on Sunday, October 24, at Glenbard West High School, 670 Crescent Blvd. to Glen Ellyn. Tickets are $ 8 and available at

A hilarious and hilarious tale of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” set on the boardwalk of a modern New Jersey seaside town. The story revolves around the impending wedding of the Governor of New Jersey, love stories of four teenage boys on the beach, a lively team of fairies, and staff at the local beauty salon. The night takes a magical turn when Oberon and Puck use a powerful love potion. With multiple marriages and the acting careers of six beauticians at stake, we see “the course of true love has never been smooth.”

The cast includes Charlie Lettenberger, Cooper Garland, Kamari Spencer, Stella Garland, Katherine Schlueter, Daniel Smith, Kira Campagna, Henry King, Jalen Peoples, Deepa Phuyal, Emma Wargin, Vivienne Winter, Bella DiCosola, Autumn White, Isaiah Beloso, Eliana Williamson , Max Southwell, Alexa Dutca, Devon Kelleher, Kayla Casey, Hannah Roberts, Hailey Weaver, Grace Bertrand, Leila Salvidas, Samantha Lavin, Henry Tatarunas, Josh Brooks and Azul Alejandre.

The sales team includes Katie Rath, Kalee Shah, Ida Canzano, Eishaal Sodager, Katie McAlpine, Olivia Pauer, Diora Kutrolli, Gabriella Knapp, Maggie Frigo, Veronica Madel, Lilly Hammerquist, Elena Zjalic, Jeorge Krecioch, Charles Grogan, Sienna Heintz, Maddie Turner and Emily Overtoom.

The tech team includes Meghan Andres, Jackie Houghtaling, Sean Carlin, Casey Sury, Luna Serna, Gibson Asselmeier, Spencer Koerner, Mallory Nikols, Edie Luper, Madi Storm, Elle Flanagan, Shae Panek, Allion Penley, Emma Smith, Kailey Szuba, Kristin Vogel, Leo Perone, Blake Noble, Charlie Cage, Cynthia Martinez, Charlie Van Ek, Amy Tran, Molly Creech, Helena Kamenica, Maritza Munoz, Annika Bhagwakar, Joseph Demarco, Rahma Syed, Graham Van Ek, Amanda Broch, Thomas Weurtzer, Ava Garzaro, Owen Rees and Vanessa Munoz.

The play is directed by Michael Fox. The Technical Director is Bruce Medic and the Commercial Director is Jacob Kelleher. Student leaders include Student Director Taylor Gottsman, Director of Student Affairs Maggie Fischer, Student Technical Directors David Weurtzer and Andrew Estes, Director Ayda Nouman, and Assistant Director Abbie Herbold.

The Glenbard West Theater season will continue with the winter drama “A Doll’s House” on January 27-29, and the spring musical “Little Women” on April 21-23, with the Black Box New Play Festival on January 20-22. . .


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