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Ask for help. Signs ARE really everywhere, but THIS looks a little more engaging … and fun. Another fun detail about this particular gig is that you can do it whether you live in Fort Collins, Greeley, Grand Junction, or anywhere in between.

You … yes YOU can get paid to watch horror movies, especially Stephen King horror movies and get paid $ 100 per movie. There are 13 in total and if my math serves me correctly, that’s a whopping $ 1300 to bank or blow … the choice is yours.

You don’t need a degree, no background checks, no commutes, and no annoying boss who micromanages every move, just you and a few movies and your opinion of those movies before Halloween to get paid.

According to 9 News, you’ll be asked questions like which movie you liked the most, whether you watch it alone or with friends, and how your heart rate changes with each scary scene. Nothing crazy, just fun stuff to share. These questions are provided by and if you answer them, you will get $ 1,300, according to the website. Seems pretty simple, fun, easy, and a way to pump blood for extra cash.

I love some Stephen King movies and this lineup looks amazing, I kinda want to do it on my own … here are the movies you can watch. (In no particular order)

1. Carrie

(The 1976 original or the 2013 remake) In MY opinion, I do the original version of a horror movie 99% percent of the time, including this one.

YouTube / Scream TV Factor

2. The children of the corn

This movie took a LOT of my mind when I was a kid. Something about possessed and scary children that touches me.

YouTube / HorrorMPHS

3. Christine

Here’s another one that did me good as a kid (I’m not sure why my parents allowed me to watch such terrifying movies at such a young age, but whatever … I remember having rode a bike and scared me when a car came in as I pretended it was coming after me … like Christine.

YouTube / Video clips

4. Scary spectacle

In fact, I’ve never seen this one before.

YouTube / ScreamFactoryTV

5. Cujo

Great movie, one of my all time favorites. In addition, I am not a big reader but this book is also very good.

YouTube / StephenKingChannel

6. He

I’ve seen both versions and the original is so much better than the remake … IMHO.

YouTube / The Popcorn Drop

7. it chapter two

Never seen this one.

YouTube / FilmStar Trailer

8. Misery

Just watched this movie for the 47th time … SO good.

YouTube / ScreamFactoryTV

9. The mist

I don’t know why but … here is another one that I haven’t seen. My wife, who is keen on horror movies and murder podcasts, has been trying to get me to watch this for 10 years … I think I want to get paid to watch it. 🙂

YouTube / HD Trailers Quality

10. The Salem Lot

Here is one that I saw that didn’t really impress me. It’s not a terrible movie, it just hasn’t done much for me personally.

YouTube / Radio Bremerhaven

11. Pet cemetery

This movie is also one of my favorite movies of all time!

Classic YouTube / MovieClips Trailers

12. Doctor sleep

I never watched this one in its entirety, watched bits and pieces of it but I feel like for $ 100 … I will. This movie is taken from the perspective of Danny Torrance, the little boy from “The Shining” who has grown up now.

YouTube / Colby Davison

13. The brilliant

Last but DEFINITELY not the least, what would a Stephen King movie marathon be without his greatest work (in my opinion) … “The Shining”. Not only is it my favorite horror movie of all time, but it’s one of my favorite movies of all time.

YouTube / Stanley Kubrick

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