From Dune to Venom and Black Widow; The biggest hits of the year at the Hollywood box office


The past year has been tough for several companies, including the film industry, but the global box office is steadily picking up as markets start to gain traffic. While there was no billion dollar crash in 2021, theaters have rebounded after being closed in the first part of the year. To draw us back to theaters again, we’ve got a mix of highly anticipated 2020 carry-over blockbusters and all-new movies. And the fun isn’t over yet, as Spider-Man: No Way Home and The Matrix Resurrections will be released in December. The highest grossing movies of 2021 are a mix of one of the most groundbreaking sci-fi movies, a handful of MCU movies, and a few big surprise movies.

No time to die ($ 758 million)

No Time To Die has been in production for almost a year. He has just collected the dust and is waiting to be released. But the wait was worth it since the film is the perfect conclusion to Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond, and in many ways it is unlike any of the previous Bond films. Fans took to the multiplexes to see how the five-movie story arc would end, resulting in a whopping $ 758 million worldwide profit.

F9: The Quick Saga ($ 740 million)

Again, without the global pandemic, F9 would have earned hundreds of millions of dollars more. But, thankfully, Universal chose not to postpone the film any further, despite the fact that it had already been delayed for a year, and instead gave fans what they wanted. The studio was nevertheless able to make more money than any other film in the same script, in large part thanks to people’s enthusiasm for the team to venture into space.


Venom: Let There Be Carnage ($ 470 million)

Let There Be Carnage is one of those movies that divides critics and fans alike, and the sequel delivered fans everything they loved about the first and more. The weird humor between Eddie and the Symbiote was captured by director Andy Serkis, and the CGI fight was on another level. And if one moment contributed an additional $ 470 million to benefit the film, it’s the post-credits scene that brings Venom to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Godzilla vs. Kong ($ 467 million)

Godzilla vs. Kong is one of the biggest event movies of the year, packed with a lot of action, but no one knew if that would be enough to make people leave their homes. It was one of the first films to hit theaters after they reopened, and it was the film studios used to determine how they should release their films. The end product was spectacular, and Godzilla vs. Kong accomplished something incredible. GVK earned 467 million USD despite world position, restrictions and constraints.


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ($ 432 million)

It’s a fantastic achievement that a Marvel product that was totally unknown to a large audience could outperform Black Widow at the global box office. As for the hype, the movie marked the MCU’s real return to the big screen, with viewers loving the martial arts action scenes and Chinese culture.


Eternals (384 million USD)

Eternals has introduced a whole new team of superheroes to the MCU. Yet another film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film grossed $ 384 million at the Global Box Office.


Dune (383 million USD)

Dune’s box office success could have gone anyway. It follows several botched adaptations of the original material, as well as one of the novel’s strangest adaptations to film. However, the film’s rise as a star almost ensured that it would be a major blockbuster. And, visually, the film is a movie classic, as well as one of the most magnificent sci-fi movies of recent times.


Black Widow ($ 379 million)

For various reasons, the expectations for Black Widow were much higher than the actual product. She’s not just any obscure Marvel hero; she’s already featured in seven MCU movies. Disney, on the other hand, gave the image a day-and-date release on Disney +. If Black Widow had only been released in theaters, it would have ranked much higher on the list of highest grossing movies of the year.


Free Guy ($ 331 million)

Ryan Reynolds plays a bank teller in the movie who realizes he is a video game character. Twentieth Century Studios, the former Disney-owned Fox film company, produced the image. He made $ 331 million in earnings at the Global Box Office.


A Quiet Place, Part II ($ 297 million)

A sequel to 2018’s “A Quiet Place,” which was a surprise box office blockbuster with $ 297 million worldwide, focusing on a group of survivors after aliens chasing through its crash land on Earth.


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