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Shimla: Shimla International Film Festival on Saturday, the second day of the three-day film festival, screened films by international and national filmmakers.

“Aparat”, a short film by Hasan Najmabadi from Iran was screened.

“My Father’s Land”, a documentary film by Matthew Koshmrl from Korea, was screened.

A short film, “Oonch Neech” by Aryaman Prasad from America, was screened.

“Co-Husband”, a documentary film by Ganesh Panday from Nepal was screened.

“Jhat aayi Basant”, a short Pahadi film by Pramati Anand was screened. The film was shot in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. The film presented the struggles of two different women from different backgrounds and how they emerged from struggles in a patriarchal society.

Tea Shop in Narkanda – A film by a Himachal filmmaker screened at the 2021 Shimla International Film Festival

“Laal”, a film by Marathi filmmaker Sumeet Sanjay Patil, was based on raising awareness of the struggles of menstruating girls with special disabilities. He also detailed Marathi cinema during the open forum with the directors.

Peenakee Singh’s feature film Daalcheeni was well received by audiences. Sweeper, a feature film by Himachal Pradesh director Rupinder Verma, was screened and enjoyed by audiences.

“Trees in Dreams”, a feature film by Kerala filmmaker Sohan Lal, was well received by audiences in Shimla. “A Man and His Shoes” is a short film directed by Late. Abhishek Sharma, a director from Shimla, was screened and enjoyed. One of the highlights was a film by the youngest film festival, master Arjun Lotheta, a third standard student of St. Edward’s 3rd class Filmmaker.

“Period Virus” is a film based on the stigma attached to “periods” and menstruating women, and how it made Arjun curious, intrigued and confused about it. The film ends with a note on the importance of normalizing period interviews and how to become aware of it and generalize interviews about it.

‘The Unknown Number’, a short film by Mumbai-based filmmaker Jatin Chanana. The film is about the distress and emptiness in the lives of people who have lost loved ones to the Corona virus pandemic.

2021 Shimla International Film Festival directors interact with audience in open forum

Besides showing the films, the festival hosted an open forum in which the filmmakers and the audience had a great time interacting with the filmmakers. There were filmmakers from various countries and states of India and among the audience were students from various colleges in Shimla and local viewers.

The three-day Shimla International Film Festival is organized by the Himalayan Velocity and Language and Culture Department of Shimla.


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