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Ignacio Diaz-Silverio (Source: Amazon)

Filming has begun in the Chicago area for the horror-comedy feature film, Elders leaving.

Writer Jose Nateras announced on its official website instagram that principal photography started a few days ago. The post included a screenshot of a Deadline article announcing Ignacio Diaz-Silverio as the main actor. Diaz-Silverio was recently cast in Amazon’s upcoming series Firstand he appeared in The good fightwhich also took place in Chicago.

The film’s description reads: “When an act of intimidation sends Javier (Ignacio Diaz-Silverio) in the hospital, he wakes up to psychic visions that reveal the horrific truth behind a wave of supposed suicides at his school, leaving it up to him and his sarcastic best friend to unmask a serial killer targeting the elderly. who leave before it’s too late.

According to the film’s social media pages, Elders leaving is a dark and comedic high school horror film with a Mexican-American gay protagonist in the vein of Wes Craven films like Scream and Blumhouse Productions’ happy day of the dead and Weirdwith a dash of Heathers and mean girls.

According to Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festivalwhere the screenplay was a finalist for Best Horror-Comedy Feature Script, “It has a fantastic, enjoyable premise with hilarious, clever dialogue and killer new stuff.”

Elders leaving shared a photo on social media from the production showing stunt rehearsals at the historic Athenaeum Theater main stage in Chicago’s Belmont Theater District.

Jose Nateras applied his own background as a gay, Mexican-American, person of color to the script, while bringing the humor and wit of influences such as Jordan Pele, Diablo Cody, Wes Cravenand more.

Nateras is an actor and writer from Chicago and graduated from Loyola University Chicago and received his master’s degree in writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In addition to a long career on stage, as an actor, Nateras has appeared on Showtime’s The Chias well as NBC chicago fire and Chicago PDJust to name a few.

Producer / Director Claire Cooneywho is making her debut as a director has already directed a television series and short films, including, runnerin which she wrote and starred, and won the People’s Choice Award for Best Short Film at the 2018 Chicago Critics Film Festival. As an actress, Cooney has appeared in Chicago-based productions including Chicago Med, Chicago PD and 4400.

The project is carried out by Dashawna Wright‘s Choppe Productions with Claire Cooney, Jose Nateras and Kelly Parkerwith support from Divisionist Films. Greg Newman and Queensbury Pictures are executive producers.

Wright is an award-winning independent producer and filmmaker based in Chicago, Illinois who has produced and directed several short films.

A 2018 Chicago Independent Producer’s Apprenticeship recipient for the Chicago International Film Festival, Wright has worked on Hollywood’s most prominent shows in Chicago and is one of the founders of “Film Girls,” a women’s film collective. , for women. She holds a master’s degree in creative production from Columbia College Chicago and a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Jackson State University.

Chicagoans should recognize some of these actors in Elders leaving. In addition to Diaz-Silverio, the film also stars Yani Gelman (Pretty little Liars) like Mr. Arda, Lorena Diaz (Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PDlisten)) as Nurse Ramirez, Ireon Roach (candy man and Chicago PD) like Bianca, and Cameron Scott Roberts (chicago fire and The Walking Dead) like Trevor.

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