Film About Legendary Korean Navy Hero Tops Box Office On Opening Day

This photo provided by Lotte Entertainment shows a scene from “Hansan: Rising Dragon.” (Lotte Entertainment)

A local historical film about Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s famous naval battle against an invading Japanese fleet in the 16th century topped the South Korean box office on its first day of release, data showed Thursday.

“Hansan: Rising Dragon” dropped “Minions 2” to No. 2 to debut atop the daily chart with 386,000 admissions on Wednesday, according to the Korean Film Council’s box office tally. This figure represents almost 60% of the total number of tickets sold during the day.

Korean sci-fi action fantasy “Alienoid,” the first of four major Korean films to open for the summer peak season, fell to No. 4, selling just 63,000 tickets.

Directed by Kim Han-min of “Roaring Currents” (2014), “Hansan” recounts the Battle of Hansan Island off the south coast of Korea in July 1592, when Yi defeated the largest Japanese force with to clever tactics and with the use of his signature turtle battleship “Geobukseon”.

Starring Park Hae-il and Byun Yo-han, the film is the prequel to the same director’s 2014 hit, which became the most-watched film of all time in South Korea, seen by more than 17 million people. (Yonhap)

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