Dune box office shows WB’s Blade Runner 2049 errors


The success of Denis Villeneuve’s new film highlights the number of mistakes that distributor Warner Bros. committed with Blade Runner 2049 and how it is learned.

Although it is still early, Dunes promising box office performances highlight the catalog of mistakes made by Warner Bros. with the release of Blade Runner 2049. While both films feature big-budget, conceptual sci-fi, the latest version is significantly better at the box office. Despite the initial similarities between the films, it is clear that this new version of Dune learned important lessons from its much-vaunted but ultimately unsuccessful predecessors.

Before its full release in the United States, the new film by Denis Villeneuve Dune the adaptation has brought in $ 75 million internationally. In its second weekend, the film fell only 32%, offering a favorable comparison with other major releases. by marvel Black Widow, for example, fell 67% after its second week, while Blade Runner 2049 took just $ 259.3 million across its entire international run. Although there is no guarantee that Dune will continue to be as strong, the first signs are certainly encouraging.

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While the two Dune and Blade Runner 2049 share many similarities, there is no doubt that distributor Warner Bros. learned from mistakes that hindered the performance of the previous film. In particular, it’s worth noting that there has been a concerted effort surrounding the marketing of the film, with several action-packed trailers as well as deep dives into the various characters and actors. In fact, while both films were well received by critics, several key decisions regarding the release of Dune underscore that in order for high-level sci-fi to be successful, certain sacrifices must be made.

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An interesting comparison can be found in the age rating of the two films. While Blade Runner 2049 holds an R rating due to strong and sometimes bloody violence and sexuality, Dune has a slightly softer PG-13 rating. Not only does this suggest a more accessible tone than the one strictly reserved for adults Blade runner continuation, but that automatically makes it more marketable. Although violence is a key element of Blade runner universe, that note may have ultimately kept many would-be fans out of theaters.

Warner Bros. has a different approach with Dune was most visible through the various trailers for the film. Not only were they purposefully action packed, not only starring the film’s stellar cast, but also teasing the legendary Giant Sands of Arrakis. In addition, the studio also released mini-reports, providing additional context and interviews with key players, all with the aim of familiarizing audiences with the stories. This demonstrates that although Dune is a famous and hugely popular work, Warner Bros. takes no chances to make sure the audience is as excited as possible.

There are, of course, several reasons why one movie might outperform another that are beyond the studio’s control. To start, Dune is in many ways a sacred sci-fi text and the inspiration behind some of the most influential films in the genre, meaning that many members of the audience will already have a good grasp of the story. It should also be remembered that the original Blade runner the film also underperformed at the box office, only reaching legendary status after a subsequent reassessment. However, even with all of these things in the balance, it’s clear that Warner Bros. leaves nothing to chance when it comes to ensuring that Dune works better than Blade Runner 2049.

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  • Dune (2021)Release Date: October 22, 2021

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