Do you like to be afraid? Colorado Festival of Horror starts Friday


DENVER (KWGN) – The inauguration Colorado Horror Festival kicks off Friday night at the Embassy Suites in Denver Central Park.

There is a type of person, maybe you yourself, who likes to be afraid. You’re not alone.

“You are immediately scared, scared, then like a roller coaster, it explodes and you have to laugh,” said Dan Crosier, co-founder of COFO.

“We just have a menagerie of all kinds of artists, artisans you name it, writers, filmmakers, actors, actresses,” Crosier said.

It’s not just horror movie fans who will be there. Horror movie celebrities, in the flesh, shaking hands and screaming. Like Crying Queen actress Brinke Stevens, who has appeared in over 200 horror films since 1980.

“My favorite movie was probably Haunting Fear which just came out on Blu-ray, starring Jan Michael Vincent and Karen Black and I went through the whole movie, I didn’t die in the end like I do in most of my movies. movies, ”Stevens said.

Then there’s Laurene Landon, who herself has appeared in over 38 films. She’s here as a celebrity and a fan.

“I like the terror, the thrill, the excitement, of being terrified, because I think it’s very primitive,” Landon said.

And, very popular.


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