Director Bong Joon Ho’s next job turned out to be an American film based on an American novel


Director Bong Joon Ho had his first official interview with national media, since winning the Oscar, for the July issue of Arena Homme +.

Bong Joon Ho at an oress conference, courtesy of News1.

In an interview with Arena Men +, director Bong Joon Ho, who rewrote the history of world cinema by winning four Oscars last year with the film Parasite, said: “The work we talked about between Cannes and Oscar is different from the new work we are currently preparing.” Director Bong Joon Ho is currently working on a foreign film and a Korean film. He is writing the screenplay for his upcoming action film in English and has announced that he plans to present an animation project in Korea as a follow-up to the US project.

Rumors are ripe that director Bong Joon Ho is preparing work based on a CNN report on the London incident in 2016 as the motive, but he has said his US project is a film based on an unreleased US novel. Previously, he collaborated with 4th CREATIVE PARTY, a Korean visual effects, animation and new media content studio company, for the upcoming Korean film which will feature a full CGI drama featuring the intertwined relationship between the creatures. deep sea and humans. This work was conceived by director Bong Joon Ho with preparations starting as early as 2018. The script was completed in January.

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