Desis List Indian Horror Movies They Actually Found Scary As Hell

nobody does masala movies, romantic comedies and action dramas better than Indian cinema.

Although we have some great and awesome films to brag about, horror is a genre that is not the strongest in the Indian film industry. We all end up scouring Hollywood movies to quench our thirst for ghosts and fears.

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This is because most Indian horror movies make us laughrather than haunt us.

However, there are some really scary movies made by Bollywood and southern cinema that gave us sleepless nights.

Recently, desis listed the few Bollywood and regional cinema horror movies that were so good and scary that they still have nightmares thinking about them.

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Here are the movies they ranked as their favorite horror movie:


1. 13B: Fear has a new address (2009)

13B one of the best from start to finish.” –AdTime6057

2. 1920 (2008)

1920 The first part is really scary. The build up and climax sequence gives you chills.” –SimpleIllustrator215

3. Tumbadd (2018)

Horror is not an easy genre at all. We have the potential to create horror masterpieces. We have so much folklore and mythology that can create so many relatable horror movies. I think Tumbbad got it and executed it to perfection…” –materdoc

4. Rat (1992)

The masterpiece from the early days of RGV. Revathi was so cute and scary. Some scenes still give me nightmares.” –pttrusha

5. Makdee (2002)

Is nothing like “Makkadi”. This shit scared me to death. Childhood trauma.” –mamayellen69

6. Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007)

Have people forgotten Bhool Bhulayya? It was both hilarious and horrifying!” –Scale_of_injustice

7. Raaz (2002)

Has anyone mentioned Raaz? Bipasa and Dino. It was scary as hell. I’m not sure I’ll be scared now if I watch it again.” –Smooth-Ad-309

8. Hush! (1993)

Shhhh – Kannada horror movie that anyone I know refuses to watch alone.– Head to Toe

9. MMS Ragini (2011)

Although not at the level of Tumbadd, I loved the Ragini MMS movie for its use of the Chetkin (Chudail). Taken straight from Marathi folklore and made good use of it.” –Rabidfire04

10. Krishna Cottage (2004)

Kirshna cottage ab funny lagti hai chote mai fatt jati thi….” –ashutoshsinghrana

As it is October, the month of Halloween, this thread serves as best horror movies you can review with friends or cousins ​​(or alone)!

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