DBS Films Announces Upcoming Premiere Of 10th Horror Film

Independent Film Production Studio, DBS Movies, is set to release his 10th horror film, titled “The Haunting of the Murder House.” Based in Orlando, Florida, DBS Films is an independent studio and it released its first film in 2017. The studio sources and produces films locally in Orlando. The studio specializes in the horror genre, and its latest film, The Girl in Cabin 13 was #1 on online streaming platform Tubi’s Horror.

“Making any movie is a huge task, to be able to make 10 movies in 5 years is a testament to our team and our fans that we can continue to evolve and try to do what we love making movies for others. Thank you so much for all the kind words and support during this process!” said Brendan Rudnicki of DBS Films.

The studio has its ways of interacting and engaging with its audience. DBS Movies runs a popular Discord channel, is very active on YouTube with his BTS videos and movie trailers, and has a podcast where he talks about his filmmaking process and discusses upcoming projects. They came up with the concept of “Super Fans”. Superfans who are part of the DBS community discord will have private test screenings to see the films before they are made available to the public. DBS Films is focused on building a strong fan community, it also recently launched its merchandise store. And as mentioned earlier, his films are a hit on streaming platforms like Tubi, Amazon, etc.

Some of the perks of becoming a DBS Films Super Fan are getting pre-release screenings of new films from the studio before they are released, access to scripts for upcoming feature films, exclusive access and content from the team DBS, their name is featured Generic name of movies. Superfans will also have access to the annual DBS Super Fans event scheduled for fall 2022.

“DBS Films wants to bring the magic of filmmaking directly to our fans and our community. We seek to be the first truly community-driven production studio to work with our fans not only behind the scenes, but also on camera,” Brendan said.

Moviegoers can stream DBS Movies Free horror movies on Tubi.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI83UnOvVNQ&t=4s

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Company Name: DBS Movies
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Town: Orlando
State: Florida
The country: United States
Website: http://dbsfilms.com/

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