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VINYLS, Windhoek’s trendy and cozy arts cafe, hosted its first hour of comedy last Thursday – the perfect way for the city to celebrate an extra hour to hit the streets.

The lineup included new and veteran comedians who relayed stories about life, love and everything in between.

Hildegard Titus, Janice Tobias, Natangwe Leo Kapembe and Aloys ‘Axarob’ Murorua took to the stage, with rapper Kevo Maro providing musical relief during the intermission.

Longtime comedian Courage the Comedian hosted the evening.

Between the stories of fear of pregnancy, the dangers of step-parenting, and how to accurately choose a life partner through the “Boyfriend Olympics,” the audience had a really good laugh.

The star artist of the evening was Axarob Murorua.

It was his first live performance, but he was warmly greeted on stage by enthusiastic fans who are used to his relentless humor on his Twitter page.

He brought props to really emphasize the image he was painting, a bit about the women who had to notice the men chasing them like they were participating in sports trials.

Murorua is quite at home on stage for someone just starting out, and his natural talent for storytelling and humor was inescapable.

Show organizer and promoter Vernon van Wyk says the idea for the show came after Murorua approached him, looking to make his comic book debut.

“I contacted Vinyls because they have a big venue and a lot of open mic events, so I thought they would be perfect. They were also considering launching their own comedy show, and I came up with the right one. moment, ”he said.

The vibe at Vinyls also contributed to all of this.

The privacy of the space makes you feel like you are in an underground New York comedy club, bursting with laughter uncontrollably and enjoying the food and company.

In the future, more shows like this can be expected, as the restaurant explores and showcases the belly of the arts.

Comedy Hour will become a monthly show, with full episodes recorded and then posted to YouTube for viewing.

Vinyls is also a great place to hang out if you like live music, poetry, and underground entertainment in general.

– Anne Hambuda is a poet, writer and social commentator from Windhoek, Namibia. Follow her online to find out more.


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