Comedian Ma Li returns to the big screen in Give Me Five

Actress Ma Li at the Beijing premiere of her latest release
Hit her. [Photo provided to China Daily]

With The Moon ManChina’s top-grossing blockbuster this summer, still hitting theaters, Chinese fans will want to quickly see the film’s actress Ma Li appear in a new comedy, Hit her.

Also starring comedians Chang Yuan and Wei Xiang, the film, directed by filmmaker-turned-crosstalker Zhang Luan, is set to hit theaters nationwide on September 9, the only comedy feature in the running for the Festival’s competitive period. of mid-autumn.

In the time travel film, a young man, constantly arguing with his single father, accidentally flashes back to a time in the early 1980s when his father and mother have yet to fall in love with each other. other. In order to remedy a mistake he has involuntarily made, the young man does everything possible to create love sparks between them so that they become his parents.

Ma, one of the most renowned actresses in the country, recalled that she was asked to star in the film when she was about five months pregnant and started shooting the film after giving birth to the baby three months later.

“Through this special experience, I was able to identify more with my role and understand how great and powerful a mother can be. I hope the film will remind audiences to cherish their loved ones and spend more time with his family,” Ma said at the premiere screening in Beijing earlier this week.

On Thursday, the film saw its pre-sale box office exceed 10 million yuan ($1.44 million), making it the country’s first pre-sale box office on September 9, according to live tracker Maoyan. .

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