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There’s a delicate balance to be struck when talking about global crises in stand-up: make it funny without depressing people.

Comedian Robert Mac regularly tiptoes this line. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Comedy and humor get people talking about serious topics,” he said from his home in Washington, D.C. “You might have a line or two about guns, abortion, war , inflation or whatever the issue of the day is, not with the hopes of bringing everyone down, but if you can make people laugh at something, without missing its importance, maybe people will talk about it , will remove some stigma and progress.

The comedian from Dry Bar, which means his act is clean and family-friendly, will perform Thursday at Boot Barn Hall, with Colorado Springs improv troupe Oxymorons Comedy.

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Mac got his start at age 25 in Tucson, Arizona, where he enjoyed shadowing comedians at open-mic nights. He finally worked up the courage to give it a shot after the jokes he wrote for a friend killed on stage: “It was a weird thing. Why are they laughing at him? That should be my laughs.

He went on to win a national Comedy Central stand-up contest, appeared on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” performed at festivals such as “Just for Laughs” and the “San Francisco Comedy Competition,” and released two Dry Bar Comedy specials, “Learn More – Robert Mac” and “Return to Lake Titicaca”, available to stream online.

It’s a tough time for comedians, he says. Cancel culture is a real challenge when it comes to his profession – he was canceled from a recurring company gig a few months ago. A few of his jokes failed to reach employees, who complained to management, who told Mac they couldn’t hire him anymore.

“Sometimes a joke says two or three things at once,” he said. “Some people just look at the exact literal meaning and don’t see the big picture and get offended.”

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This also happened with a stand-up partner while on another corporate job. Part Native American, she made jokes about her background, and a few employees who were also Native American took offense. Either way, he’s found that it’s the younger participants who get upset. They have a different concept of comedy as it learns to navigate, he says.

“The rule of comedy is that you’re allowed to talk about yourself and your group, whether it’s political or ethnic or your favorite local sports team,” he said. “You have the right to make fun of it. His goal was not to make fun of it, but to denounce hypocrisy. But some younger generations don’t see it that way.

He doesn’t know when or why it started, but theorizes that this generation’s new approach has to do with the emphasis on critical thinking in school and being taught to look at things literally and think about them. break down.

“Before, you had to go somewhere and have fun. Now people turn on their phones and sometimes don’t want to be entertained,” he said. “They want to find something to complain about or are looking for people who don’t care about anything.”

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As far as reworking his routine to appease the masses, he’s not. It was especially the company concerts that aroused complaints. Inside a comedy club, the crowd has a better understanding of what he’s there to do. And besides, Mac is proud of its hardware.

“It’s not just clean, but it’s smart stuff that’s smart,” he said. “One of the best comments I got recently was, ‘When I watch your act, I feel smarter.’ My number is a little different, and that’s the only way to succeed in this business.These are smart jokes for smart people.

Contact the author: 636-0270

Contact the author: 636-0270

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