Box-office bombshell finally finds streaming audiences


While the theater industry is most certainly in a state of recovery, big-budget blockbusters have been pretty much the only beneficiaries, with films aimed at older audiences, or those that don’t feature action sequences. effects-oriented, still struggling to gain a foothold.

One of the most notable examples to come during the pandemic was that of Jon M. Chu In the heights, which saw Quiara Alegría Hudes script the big-screen adaptation of the hit musical she co-created with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Like West Side Story definitely proven last month, critical praise isn’t enough to stop a great movie from bombing the box office.

in the heights

Of course the fact In the heights Hitting HBO Max the very day it landed on the big screen didn’t help, although Rotten Tomatoes scores of 94% from both critics and audiences would paint a picture of one of the best features of 2021. In Ultimately, the lavish song-and-dance show didn’t come close to grabbing the $ 55 million box office budget, but it’s finally finding a streaming audience.

According to FlixPatrol, In the heights jumped ten spots on HBO Max’s most-watched list overnight, so many subscribers indulged their music preferences over the weekend.


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