Bodies Bodies Bodies, Pete Davidson’s first unconventional horror film, is showered with praise

Picture: A24

The lines of comedy and horror blur so often, no surprise that a comedian could easily go to the bloodiest end of town, but it’s quite shocking to see pete davidson of all people headline something in the horror genre.

A24’s hot streak in 2022 has been utterly amazing to watch, with consistent hits like Men, Then Body Body Body with Davidson. Somehow turning Davidson into a screaming king, it received impressive applause from viewers praising him for his subversive take on the genre.

Immensely violent, shocking, and fun as hell, it’s finally getting the proper love on Reddit’s house of horror.

Like any good slasher movie, it starts with a bunch of drunken, stupid teenagers doing drugs and trying stupid stunts. Thanks to a homemade game called “Bodies Bodies Bodies”, everything changes as a murder mystery role-playing game becomes a cruel reality.

Davidson isn’t the only comedy star to feature, with Borate 2Maria Bakalova’s star also plays a pivotal role in a film that you absolutely won’t be able to predict. Other big names include a hilarious extended cameo from Lee Pace, Amandla Stenberg, Rachel Sennott and former Vine star Conner O’Malley. But really, Davidson is excellent as an extremely manic and deranged party fan.

One of Body x3The biggest strengths of are how irreverently he treats himself. Unlike a lot of slasher movies and a lot of modern horror, it has no qualms about enjoying its own vibe and clearly riffing actors. Incredibly cleverly written, this is one of the freshest of its kind in years.

If you listen to Hollywood, give Rachel Sennott more roles. She’s great at it and steals almost every scene she’s in. Hell, even ask him to direct a sequel with just her.

Body Body Body is available to rent on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video.

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