‘Bob’s Burgers’ raises $15 million, ‘Doctor Strange 2’ nears $900 million

The only other weekend opening alongside Top Gun: Maverick has been Bob’s Burgers: The Movie. The 2D animated feature, a continuation of Fox’s popular primetime animated show, grossed $12.6 million on the Friday-Sunday frame, a weekend sadly preloaded after a Friday of $5.7 million. Fans showed up within the first 36 hours, but $15 million over four days isn’t too shabby for a movie that most of us were hoping could make $10 million over the holidays.

The film has an 86% fresh score, a 95% “verified audience” score from Rotten Tomatoes, and an A from Cinemascore. I don’t know if this one can expand beyond the pre-existing fan base, but kids movies have been a long shot this year. 20th Century Studios release, distributed by Walt Disney, is one of three final 2020 ‘Covid-delayed’ releases still pending Top Gun: Maverick and this month of July Minions: The Rise of Gru.

In outstanding news for the weekend box office, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness earned an additional $16.7 million (-48%) in its fourth weekend for a Friday-Monday haul of $21.5 million and a new cumulative $375 million by Monday. Who pushes him beyond The Batman ($370 million) to become the biggest national grosser of 2022, though that benchmark may be disputed by both Jurassic World: Dominion and Top Gun: Maverick. Even though the MCU sequel finished third at the domestic box office for the summer, that still makes it a big hit.

We are still talking about a strange doctor sequel that will earn just a little less than iron man 3 ($409 million in 2013) and Captain America: Civil War ($408 million). The $200 Million Sam Raimi-Led Sequel Has Made $868 Million Worldwide And Will Pass Soon The Battle of Changjin Lake $905M Global Cumulative To Sit Behind Only Spider-Man: No Coming Home ($1.891 billion) as the second-biggest gross in the Covid era. He can’t bust $1 billion, but he didn’t need a dime from China to be a huge trade winner.

Focusing characteristics’ Downton Abbey: A New Era earned $5.91 million (-63%) over the weekend for a likely holiday haul of $7.5 million and an 11-day total of $30 million. Admittedly, that’s pretty much what the first Downton Abbey reported on its Friday-Sunday opening weekend in September 2019, but I would also say that Downton Abbey 2 is one of those sequels that “disappoints” by performing about as well as we expected from the first movie. The more or less $30 million film has grossed $69 million worldwide.

DreamWorks and Universal The villains earned $4.63 million (-25%) in its sixth weekend for a holiday gross of $6.1 million. This will give the $80 million animated heist comedy a domestic volume of $83.34 million as it hits $200 million worldwide the next day or three. This despite being available simultaneously on PVOD for a few weeks. It’s not next croods Where How to train your dragonbut it will be fine, and my kids will happily watch the inevitable Netflix episode.

Paramount and Sega sonic the hedgehog 2 fell on Paramount+ and buy-in VOD this week, but it still grossed $2.52 million (-38%) over weekend eight. It is expected to gross around $3.4 million over the holiday weekend for a new domestic cume of $186 million. The $110 million video game sequel has grossed $199 million overseas and is expected to have around $385 million worldwide by Monday night. Oh and Fantastic Beasts 3 earned $300 million overseas for a new run-up of $394 million.

A24 Everything, everywhere, all at once earned an additional $2.51 million (-20%) in its tenth weekend for a probable four-day gross of $3.19 million and a new domestic cume of $57.5 million . The multiverse fantasy starring Michelle Yeoh is already A24’s biggest domestic earner and recently overtook Lady Gaga’s Gucci House ($53 million) to top each of last year’s Oscar season releases except Dunes ($108 million).

If the pattern continues, Everywhere took a hit from a major new release but will bounce back next weekend without much competition. Anyway, with $65.5 million worldwide, it went from Moonlight ($64 million) to become A24’s third-biggest worldwide behind lady bird ($79 million) and Hereditary ($81 million). It seems like a bridge too far, but this film has been doing the impossible for nine weeks.

from Paramount The lost city earned $1.795 million over weekend ten, jumping 15% and clearly benefiting from some Top Gun: Maverick drive-in double bills. The Sandra Bullock/Channing Tatum rom-com adventure is expected to gross around $2.25 million for the Holidays for a domestic total of $102 million. It’s Bullock’s 11th biggest $100 million since The rapidity in 1994, including seven since Proposal in 2009. The $70 million, star-driven original has grossed $175 million worldwide so far. This despite being available on Paramount+ and on “purchase price” VOD for the past two weeks.

A24 and Alex Garland Men earned just $1.223 million (-63%) in its second weekend, with a likely $1.51 million vacation. That will net the arthouse horror flick starring Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear which splits just $6.277 million after 11 days. Well they can’t all belong to Ari Aster Hereditary. Heck, they can’t all be from Ti West Xwhich peaked at $11 million, which is pretty good for a 1970s slasher movie on a porn set.

Universal and Blumhouse Fire starter earned $285,000 (-86%) in weekend three losing 2,414 theaters. Stephen King’s rehab/redesign will bring in $344,000 over the holidays for an 18-day sum of $8.175 million. Well, uh, The black phone is great! Meanwhile, Robert Eggers The man from the north will exceed $34 million domestic and $67 million worldwide by Monday and The unbearable weight of massive talent will spend 20 million domestic dollars. Next weekend will only see Neon’s Future Crimes (courtesy David Cronenberg) and IFC’s Observer.

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