Black Phone Trailer: Ethan Hawke in Scott Derrickson’s Movie


Hawke reunites with “Sinister” director Scott Derrickson to play a sinister magician in this film, which hits theaters on February 4, 2022.

The black phone


Ethan Hawke is generally known for playing great, affable guys, from his Jesse in the “Before” movies to his rough dad in “Boyhood.” If 2018’s “First Reformed” showed any signs of Hawke tipping into grim territory as a priest with a death wish and severe spiritual crisis, then he would go all out in “The Black Phone” from director Scott Derrickson in as a child killer. Watch the trailer for the Blumhouse horror film below.

Hawke reunites with Derrickson after their 2012 sick horror film “Sinister,” one of the scariest films of the past decade. Here is the synopsis for “The Black Phone”: “After five children disappeared in a suburban Colorado town in the 1970s, Finney Shaw would soon become the sixth victim when he was kidnapped by a serial killer and trapped. inside a soundproof basement.On finding a disconnected phone, Shaw discovers his ability to transmit the voices of the killer’s previous victims, who try to help him escape.

The fact that the trailer includes Alan J. Pakula’s spooky “Klute” theme should be enough to get genre fans excited on their own. But reviews from festivals like Fantastic Fest and Beyond Fest have also been overwhelmingly positive. IndieWire called the film “the rough weather tune of a horror film that captures audiences’ emotions as quickly as the film’s antagonist kidnaps children in broad daylight.” Ethan Hawke plays the role of a masked kidnapper (nicknamed “The Grabber”) who terrorizes a suburban Colorado town in the 1970s. Hidden behind the facade of a clumsy magician, he kindly lures children ahead of him. eclipse their world with a mass and swarm of iconic black balloons. The story is told from Finney’s perspective as the audience gets a glimpse of his home and personal life before he becomes the kidnapper’s latest victim. Between dodging from his classmates on the prowl to beat him, Finney must walk on eggshells at home in order to avoid further abuse from his alcoholic father. The only solace he can find is alongside his sister Gwen (Madeleine McGraw), a gentle but religious spitfire in pigtails, who has no qualms about insulting cops or smashing a stone over a bully’s head. .

“The Black Phone” opens in Universal Pictures theaters on February 4, 2022.

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