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The top 10 recipients of British Film Institute (BFI) distribution funding received a total of £521,353 from the organisation’s Audience Fund. in the first half of 2022.

The People’s Fund’s biggest prize went to Altitude Film Distribution, which received £135,170 to support the March 4 release of Clio Barnard’s love story in Bradford. Ali and Ava. The film went on to gross £349,935 at the box office, according to figures provided by the BFI.

Mubi UK Releases Joachim Trier’s Norwegian Drama The worst person in the world. It received £105,785 and grossed £1,061,537 at the box office.

This was followed by the release by Peccadillo Pictures of Todd Stephens Swan song. The LGBTQ+ comedy received £45,900 and took in £31,498 at the box office.

Picturehouse Entertainment has received £40,000 to support the launch of Audrey Diwan’s abortion drama Event. The Venice Golden Lion winner was released on April 22, taking £103,125 in cinemas.

Boiling point

The most successful release in terms of granted funds relative to box office receipts was the launch of Vertigo Releasing in January of Boiling point. The Stephen Graham restaurant drama received £35,000 and grossed £518,559 at the box office.

Access and diversity

The main aims of the BFI’s Audience Fund include improving access to independent UK and international films and increasing the diversity of audiences.

It also focuses on developing audiences for 16-30 year olds and building industry confidence and capacity.

The Fund supports theatrical releases in two ways. The first is through the Audience Fund Project Awards, which follow an application from a distributor asking to support a specific title. The second is through Audience Fund Organization Awards, where a distributor gets an annual award for supporting a number of titles throughout the year; the BFI works with the company to agree on the securities for which it will use the financing and the amount for each.

Top 10 BFI Audience Fund Awards – January-June 2022


1. Avi & Ava* – £135,170 (Altitude Film Distribution, box office £349,935)

2. The worst person in the world – £105,785 (Mubi UK, box office £1,061,537)

3. swan song* – £45,900 (Peccadillo Pictures, box office £31,498)

4. Event – £40,000 (Picturehouse Entertainment, box office £103,125)

5. Boiling point – £35,000 (Vertigo Releasing, box office £518,559)

6. Hive* – £33,945 (Altitude Film Releasing, box office £30,033)

seven. Luzzu* – £33,100 (Peccadillo Pictures, box office £12,582)

8. The real Charlie Chaplin* – £32,453 (Altitude Film Distribution, box office £53,321)

9. Ailey* – £30,000 (Dogwoof, box office £11,471)

ten. great freedom – £30,000 (Mubi UK, box office £57,810)

*Public Fund Organization Award

All box office figures provided by the BFI.

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